Meeting Minutes 3/8/18

In attendance: Stacy, Andira (moderator), Weston, Jon, Erica (note-taker), Bob (co-moderator), Larry, Sari, Donna, Scott

Website Discussion

Stacy is volunteering to build one free nonprofit organization website per quarter this year. We’ll get to pick the next nonprofit that she’ll help!
She builds her sites with Divi, which makes them easy to use. She’ll provide 1 hour training when the website is complete.
We’ll be able change the format of posts, insert modules (blog, post, call to action, etc.), can save a post as a draft or in a pending review stage.
She’ll install Yoast (free Search Engine Optimization program)
Will be mobile-friendly and iPad friendly/she’ll test in a variety of formats to make it looks good everywhere.
She can run the security/updates for us or she can train us.
There will be events and donation plugins, and we could pick more plugins to install if we need them.
Newsletter available using MailChimp, which can be used for free for up to 2000 contacts (can set up auto emails to go out on a schedule)
Stacy will send Lacey a list of items she’ll need (content, color scheme, current forms, etc.)
(Bob reported we were 20 minutes over.)


Discarded Items Vote

We voted to save some of the sign stands and a small amount of posters. We voted to get rid of everything else, with exception of a stapler and staples that will go to another nonprofit.
If you donated something that’s in the “to be discarded pile” you can take it back. Everything else will go to Free Saturday.

Finance Report

$6908.86 balance. There was a brief discussion about savings accounts and the need that the money be accessible.

April Calendar Draft routed!

FFP Planning Meeting

Sari took Lacey’s timeline and turned it into possible committees (Please look at Sari’s post in the Organizing Group for the details.)
Entertainment, Logistics, Sponsorship, and Publicity committees, the committees would meet on their own, bring back updates and any decisions that need to be voted on ($ to be spent for sure) to the big CR group. At least one committee member would hopefully be able to attend the CR meetings.
Maybe we don’t need a vetting system if someone is bringing things back to the CR group. The Committee chair may need to vet their committee/make sure volunteers are doing what they need to be doing.
Facebook event will be created for 3/29 FFP meeting, consider having stations at that meeting for each kind of job/committee, need to draft an email to send to last year’s sponsors and vendors to invite them to meeting (Lacey/Bob/Larry/Erica will email their respective sponsor/vendor contacts.)
Speak up now if you’d like a role at the 3/29 meeting and also if you’re willing to chair one of the committees.

Lincoln Unites

Lincoln Unites is May 12, 11 am-4 pm, Tower Square (this is the day BEFORE Mother’s Day, Donna)
Larry will put out a call for booth volunteers at the beginning of April (Lacey/Bob/Donna already verbally volunteered to help.)

Domain is available for purchase for $7.99 for the first year and $19.99 for each renewal year. Erica always has a discount coupon code that we can use for this purchase.
We voted yes to purchase this domain. Stacy might be able to help with this when she gets access to CR’s GoDaddy account. 

March 22 mtg Agenda

FFP planning meeting (30 min) Lacey and Sari
Website decisions (20 min) Lacey
Space updates (20 min) Weston?/All?
Discarded Items Vote (5 min) All
Jazz in June button donation (5 min) Bob
April calendar draft (2 min) Lacey

Common Root Voting Quorum:
1 board member
3 key holding members
1 other attendee

Common Root Admin