Meeting Minutes 3/6/13

In attendance: Andrew, Lacey (note-taker), Shaina, William (moderator) and Troy

Part I

  1. Troy has experience working with non profit groups, such as the dept of labor.
    Ways to use social media: Facebook for spreading good will after the fact. Fb is good for getting the word out to people already tuned in, not as good as an outreach tool. Facebook is like a journal. Facebook doesn’t drive a project forward.

  2. Twitter – use as a call to action. It also allows for immediate feedback. You can remind people about events a few hours ahead. Twitter helps to spread the interest in the moment. Post reminders here, calls to action and ways to generate awareness in the moment.

  3. Survey Monkey – free online polling. Allows you to focus the convo and options, limits long conversation/discussion.

  4. Website – A good part of your core information must be here. Drives messages from your website. You want to generate conversation. Here you can try to reach people not necessarily connected to you. At the base of the blog, give people the options like “share on facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc”

  5. People can potentially sign up for our list serve on the website

  6. RSS (Real Simple Syndication) – most superior way of propogating info available

  7. Pinterest – best uses of it for non profits are the clever little article photo or entertaining image- use it to catch people’s interest (like buttons to promote the Earth Day event). Propoganda pieces go here.

  8. Need a social media czar…coordinating everything on all social media fronts, updating daily or as often as appropriate.


Part II


  1. May Day planning meeting is this Sunday at 4 PM at the Mill. Several of us will go.

  2. Earth day – we have a booth reserved. Button ideas: Planet earth, ararchy sign, peace sign, Common Root logo. Patches: Common Root logo, bicycle, recycle, feminist patch. Guy William knows for patches has a job now…so we’re not sure if the patches will be possible or not.

  3. Keys – William has an extra key for the cabinet. Shaina and William both have keys for the basement indoor lock now.

  4. List Serve: Link to Occupy Your Mind, new zine, Zday, Music Jam, Book binding skillshareCollective publishing project: every contributor has their own zine-sized contribution. Free standing collections people would bring together for a larger publication…they can be bound together.

  5. Toby’s updates: Ashley’s case is on hold until Tuesday afternoon. We may want to file a new case. No more details.

  6. We discussed the situation with the bike kitchen. Common Root is interested in helping to continue a near south bike kitchen however possible. Perhaps we can offer out backyard space on nice days, use some space in our shed to store some bike parts and maybe a set or two of bike tools. Maybe we could offer storage cabinets, bike racks…but we may need to finalize our non profit status and what we’re wanting to do with the space before we take on bike kitchen events here.

  7. We should look into liability insurance for ourselves.

  8. William is still talking with his boss about the possibility of us moving Common Root to his place. William guesses he could work off a deposit and rent might be around $800 for the upstairs and the main floor rental. The garage is full of stuff, not usable. Upstairs there are 3-4 bedrooms that are rentable. 5 rooms upstrais, kitchen, bathroom and sunroom. Main level would all be open, master bedroom could be our office. Big living room, event space. Sunroom could be crafting, or guest bedroom. Basement for crafting, art studio, wood working, etc.

  9. Call for articles/content to Craigslist in large cities (San Fran, New York, Chicago, etc)

  10. William suggests mailing zines out to info shops…maybe start with midwest ones. Maybe places in Kansas and Iowa.

  11. Update info in slingshot…we should contact them.

  12. Shaina will get bilaw stuff to look over by the next meeting.

  13. We will table talking about website changes until next.

  14. Business cards printed up? Specific to individuals, or just collective cards with website, email and address info.

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