Meeting Minutes 3/27/14

Andi (note taker), Alicia, Amanda (moderator), Azaria, Barbara, Ben, Bernie, Brian, Dave, Emilio, Lacey, Lauren, Ollie, Tammy, Toby, Scott

April Events
-The Bake sale fundraiser is April 11th at (Meadowlark – 3-6:30 PM)
–We need more bake sale donations
–We need to label gluten free, vegan and sugar free and nut free
-April 12 – Earth Day Booth (Union Plaza – noon-5 PM)
–We have at least 3 volunteers for all hours
–April 19 – Free Saturday (Peter Pan Park – 2-4 PM)
–April 23 (a Wednesday) – Crafting Skillshare (NEW SPACE – 7:30 – 9 PM) – we decided against Wednesday so members could more easily attend…will hold in a different room from 501c3 meeting.
–Grand Opening/Open House event? Maybe May Day would be good for this? Or that weekend?
-May Day Potluck Grand Opening! 6:00-9pm
–First Fridays, not yet. Maybe? Third Thursday?

Would anyone like to hold open hours?
-Dave wants to give open hours computer lessons
–Barbara wants to buy computers for classes
–Dave has computers to donate
–Azaria wants to do open ours meditation and yoga (Lauren) hours TBD 

Magnet board Andi brought for display – People like it

To Approve:
-501c3 – working on articles of incorporation
–tabling to bring print copies next week

-Roger donating ZM/VP Poster
–we like it

Lacey proposes “Common Root Mutual Aid Center” signs for our O Street facing windows
–Lacey will design and print them for the next meeting
–we will look into external signage

-Andi suggest volunteer buttons with names – yes

-Groups we approve offering space to the following groups
–Write on, Lincoln!
—Barbra is heading this up and talking with this group
–Speak Truth to Sexual Violence
—Andi will talk with them about
–Equality Press meetings
–Trans* Community Group
–Lincoln Atheists
–Friends of Wilderness Park Event Planning Committee

-Storefront space for artist’s work & crafts – tabled
–Dave suggests a computer swipe care system

Discuss wifi options – tabled
–Bernie will look into this

Vega concert merchandise table – any volunteers? -Andi

-total from benefit concert $299.08
-we received $100 today
-paid April rent and deposit on new space
-$1448.07 total, $1048.07 after 501C3 payment

Purchasing/Acquiring decisions
-Library – Shelf standard and brackets
–Azaria is checking for free options
–Andi will look for low-cost used options
-we should be on the lookout for 6′ tables
-We are accepting Tammy’s bookcase
-Tammy is lending us a 6′ long table

Decide placement
-We’ve decided to mount the TV/monitor in the largest room -Andi will do it
-We’ve decided the library will be in the smallest room
-We will make a chair holder under the “store” area in the reception room

Common Root Admin