Meeting Minutes 3/27/13

In attendance: Andrew, Lacey, Martin, Toby and William – Mark also attended, he has interest in the room.

1 Mark is interested in the upstairs room, we are meeting with some other people yet.

2 William is making flags for May Day

3 Lacey will talk to Barb Vandenburg about Earth Day booth groupings

4 Andrew will have buttons made

5 We may be doing a fundraiser as soon as May, at Pepe’s

6 We are changing the house locks

7 We are thinking about adding rainbows to our website

8 Michael Chrichton novels aren’t wanted by A Novel Idea…we can donate them to Jo’s Occupy Garden project garage sale. They are in good condition 

9. We’re still interested in having the Bike Kitchen use the space in the back temporarily, if they’d like. Andrew will give J the information after we have an insurance agent to come to the house and offer us a price quote. We’d also need details from the Bike Kitchen or Carol about reasons for needing liability insurance.

We should look into getting liability insurance for ourselves here.

Common Root Admin