Meeting Minutes 3/26/15

Ailyne (co-moderator), Amanda, Andira (note taker), Andy, Azaria, Barbara, Chelsea, Janette, Josslyn, Lacey, Mike (moderator), Sammi (via Scype), Scott
Shea & Tammy

Repair Cafe
-Janette is talking about cross-pollinating Repair Cafe with Free Saturday

Event Restructuring
-Barbara is talking about having booths at Free Saturday and organizing multi-function events

Vegan Potlucks
-We want to dedicate the next meeting/potluck to discussing what the group is about and where it is going
–Read mission statement?
-Could we hold the next meeting before the Boutique?

Vegan Boutique
-Put a call out for beauty products and non-perishables
-We are notifying people and mentioning that we will need donations

-We are asking for submissions
–We can post on the SP CE group for more
-We might hold another reading at the Crescent Moon

-Art calendar price quotes
-Lacey talked to print shops about prices – two print shops are affordable
-We could place them at businesses, perhaps
–Meadowlark, Pepe’s, Grateful Greens
-Community spaces might sell them
–Perhaps galleries
-At community events
-Earth Day
-Fall for Pride
-A pre-order sale at a discount

Finalized the April Calendar
-Social Cycling will meet up with Heidi’s bicycling event

Organizational exchange meetings
-We want to work with other community organizations, such as SP CE
501c3 Workshop for community groups
-We’ve had another request for phone help from Writing Lincoln Initiaitve
-Lincoln Atheists (have status)
-Equality Press
-Trans* Community Group

BORING Meetup with community organizations – Tabled

Non-profit Hub Tour
– Chelsea is interested but might be working
– Lacey suggest picking a month that works for us and
-Lacey created accounts
-VP holds talks on volunteer opportunities for high school students

Video blogging – Suggested by Barbara
-Mike suggests a YouTube channel
-We might have high school students do videography and webcasts
-Andira suggest contacting videography programs
–good opportunity, experience for people that need it
-Chelsea suggests live feeds
-We could possibly receive donations
-We’re not going to plug products, we don’t want strings
-Azaria, Barbara, Ben, Chelsea, Mike are interested in this endeavor

News Interviews
-Barbara suggests we ask for donations during these

Shea wants to help with grants and editing

– Crate Digger (print copy) given to Chelsea

– CR Org group addition (Shea) approved

Donations / Press Promotion
-We received just under $200

– Promotional ideas – We Mid West Organizing meeting

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