Meeting Minutes 3/22/18

In attendance: Lacey (moderator), Bob, Jon, Sari, Andira, Scott, Weston (note-taker)

-Bob doing buttons… not much else to that…

-Fall For Pride Planning Meeting
o Will be held at Nonprofit Hub in the Narnia room at 7:30 p.m.
oJon and Sari are bringing chips and other snacks.
o We will have four tables for the four special committees: Promotions, Sponsorship, logistics, and Entertainment.
o Organizers should arrive around 7:00.
o Pass out last year’s programs.
o We’ll have first 30 minutes for greeting and explanation.
o 1 hour of actual recruitment.

• Website Decisions:
o Stacy needs access to photo gallery
o Call for representative images and concise captions:
 Free culture
 Inclusivity
 Festivals
 Community
 Buttons for Change
o Think about linking images and vids to Flickr or YouTube.

• Jazz in June Button Donation:
o Going to donate 100 free buttons.

• Space Update:
o Could Repair Cafe join a new space with us?
o Could Outlinc join a new space with us?
o Outlinc’s events are sometimes not attended well at Nonprofit Hub.
o We need to be sure to ask Brett Harris about the following (and possibly more):
 How trash works
 Neighbors and how we will coexist with them.
 Rent stability.
o Is giving our money to Speedway against the ethics of Common Root?

Common Root Voting Quorum:
1 board member
3 key holding members
1 other attendee

Common Root Admin