Meeting Minutes 3/2/17

Present: Lacey (moderator), Heather, Larry, Andira, Mike S, Erica (co-moderator), John, Sari, Bob (note-taker)

Fall For Pride Update – Lacey – Antelope Park fees increasing in 2017 for the bandshell, pavillion, special use permit, and for vendors selling items. To lower CR’s expenses we don’t have to rent recycle bins for 2017, as the parks dept. now supplies those. Allowing vendors to provide their own tables and chairs would get CR away from having to pass along costs for CR renting those, reducing number of set-up tear-down volunteers, and also possibly negating the necessity of renting a U-Haul-type truck, and renting a smaller, less expensive, pickup truck or seeking the donated use of a pickup truck.

It was suggested CR approach ‘Trans Collaborative’ (Mike S suggestion) for sponsorship of FFP, along with other hopeful sponsorships, possibly KZUM & OutLinc. Consider an online crowdfund campaign to attract contributions to help keep CR’s booth prices low & affordable.

Vote passes with consensus to hold FFP event as previously agreed upon at past meeting and move forward with CR (Lacey) reserving the park & it’s facilities for this October event.

LGBTQ Rally Update – John – John attended & reported on the planning meeting for this June 11th rally. No parade route has yet been decided on. No speakers for rally secured as yet. Next meeting for planning will be Sunday, March 26th at Vine Congregational Church. If any CR peeps could attend that meeting and report back to CR that would be great. Sari volunteered to be the CR email liaison with Vine Church for this rally.

April Calendar 1st Draft – Lacey – The 1st draft of the calendar was passed around. We are aiming to have the print version of the calendar finalized on the March 16th CR meeting so April calendars can be made available at the March 23rd Music & Poetry event.

CR Voting Procedure – Andira – The use of ‘feeling’ and ‘hand’ signals were discussed and how to use them at CR meetings, referencing the poster above the white board at CR.
Common Root Voting Quorum is as follows:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

Finance Update – Andira – CR currently has $5,172.80 in the bank. (Yes, we are paying the rent ($450) every month)

Lincoln Earth Day – Lacey – Lincoln Earth Day will be Saturday, April 22nd from 10am – 2pm at Union Plaza. The Science March is the same day, later in the afternoon. Booth price is $35. Lacey & Bob indicated interest in saffing this booth, possibly Andira as well. Vote passes by consensus for CR to have a booth at Earth Day. Also of interest is a possible booth by Repair Cafe (Larry) for the first time at Lincoln Earth Day. Volunteers for set-up, tear-down and general assistance at one or both of these booths would be appreciated.

Give To Lincoln Day (G2LD 2017) – Lacey – G2LD 2017 will be on Thursday, May 18th. As a 501c3 CR can participate in this national day of charitable giving. The cost of processing a credit card donation is 2.9% this year, which is less than last year. G2LD will be under a new organizational umbrella this year. There’s not much for folks to do regarding this day, other than asking folks online, & in person, to remember CR on this day. In the past two years G2LD has been a huge source of monetary donations for Common Root.

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 16th 7:30pm – 9pm

Common Root Quorum
1- Board Member
3- Key Holding Members
1- Other attendee

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