Meeting Minutes 3/21/19

In attendance: Emily, Tammy (moderator), Bob (co-moderator), Larry, Scott, Lacey (note-taker), Meg, Mikaela, Andira (late)

Mini-do – Lincoln Unites buttons

Whole-SUM Event – Educational / Interactive wellness demonstrations, group meditations could happen, health and wellness practitioners will be present, using Pride Group space at SCC. Free of charge. More like a stage, group presentations, interactive, Source Eat Fit will be the only vendor booth that will serve food. Free will donations will be accepted, but no charge to attend and participate, any proceeds will be split between participating nonprofits, community healing component is why Meg is talking with Common Root and other nonprofits for participating.

Details: Saturday, May 11 AM – 4 PM, lunch provided. Hoping for participants will stay all day.

They’d like Common Root to have a presence there. The idea is to have supportive groups present and available for attendees. 260 say they’re going on Facebook. We could sell buttons if we like, but the point of the group is more educationally based. We know Anna is interested. Facebook event has the schedule. We can put up a volunteer poll to gauge interest.

April Event Calendar – April calendar passed around for any edits

Heartland Pride – Sat, June 29 in Omaha, $75 for a nonprofit to participate in the Parade. Line up for parade at 9 AM, begins at 10 AM. It’s the Stonewall 50th anniversary. Create a fb event, no thongs or candy, Lacey checked with Goldenrod Printing about stickers, we can get exact pricing. 

VOTE – $75 participation in Heartland Pride – passes with quorum and consensus

Snack announcement – Andira brings delicious foods


Star City Pride – Fri-Sat, June 7-8 in Lincoln, 4:30-8 on Friday, 12-8 PM, $80 booth price 10×10 space, 4 vendor passes provided. No show, additional $50 staffing fee. $300 Pride guide ad, name recognition on banners, web link, includes a booth. We might get permissions to reduce our booth staffing hours. May 10 is a deadline for requesting a booth.

Could we share a booth with another org? LGBTQA+ Resource center, perhaps? Would the organizers approve this? If so, there is interest from the group in this.

VOTE – $300 – passed with 2/3 majority and quorum.

Financial Report – $7874.83 currently in our treasury.

CR t-shirts – Align with a local screen printer, possibly, to create Common Root t-shirts. They have a vendor – Shirts101 in Lincoln. Whole range of styles, Bob checked to see if they could do a few print to order shirts, no response yet. Only open M-F, not convenient hours, but they have lots of styles.

Would we want people to order them one or a few at a time, or for booth events to see? We could have a small set on display in our cube, we could also offer a free shirt to volunteers with, for example, 4 hours of logged booth staffing time, the idea being the individual volunteer could order their own shirt and Common Root would reimburse them for it. We could determine the specifics of this as a group at a later time.

Andira’s contact for t-shirts is Brad, she will check in with him again and perhaps we can compare prices. Screen printing may allow you to do 1 or a few shirts in one run, but there is cleanup with each run.

Larry suggests that we sell our current t-shirts for $5 each to try and move them so we no longer have them taking up space in our cube. If they don’t sell at $5 each, we could lower the price or give them away.

VOTE – $5 for all the shirts we currently have to sell passes with quorum and consensus

Andira will bring details on pricing to the next meeting on new shirts.

Organizational goals – What do we want to accomplish in the future? We continue holding inclusive events, pass out info at community events, try to recruit more volunteers. With more volunteers, it may be possible to establish our own space. Clear up our vision, recruit more board members. Putting effort into the events that are working and continue growing. We don’t want too much burden (especially financially) to the individual event hosts, because they are already doing so much.

We could put the new mission statement onto the back of the small, pass-out calendars. We could have new business cards “I volunteer for Common Root” with an inclusive rainbow, maybe have Goldenrod print these, mission statement on the back.

Andira can post the new mission statement in the organizing group.

Mikaela appreciates our non-hierarchal structure, and would like to see us do more systemic actions, along with the community events we host and take part in. We’re all leaders, everyone’s voice is important and equal. Benefits and connections in our nonprofit networks necessitate us being an official nonprofit organization.

Next meeting:
May calendar (2m) Lacey
T-shirt prices update (15m) Andira
Sticker prices (10m) Lacey
Organizational goals (30m) Andira

VOTING QUORUM – 1 Board Member, 1 Keyholder, 1 member of the CR fb organizational group, 1 Other attendee.

The next CR Meeting will be Thursday, April 4th from 7:30 – 9pm

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