Meeting Minutes 3/20/14

* Andi, Lacey (moderator), Scott, Spencer, Tammy, Toby, ?

1. Space

People looked at rooms at 3140 O St.

The only one that might be made handicap-accessible is 700 sq ft for $750, but we can’t do that without a partner. Everything else is on the 2nd floor.

The first space is 1026 sq ft for $400; it’s not as nice, and the bathrooms are far away.

The second space is 750 sq ft for $450; it’s nicer, and it’s Lacey’s favourite. But it doesn’t have as big of a big room.

They’ll rent to Common Root if a human being signs on too. The lease is 6 months, and the deposit is 1 month’s rent.

Perhaps we can rent free large spaces (like at the libraries or at Grace Lutheran Church) for large events but still get this spot for our long-term address and a place for our stuff. Then look for an even better place over the next 6 months or whatever.

The vote is 4 to 1 for the second space.

Note: all landlords are named David. This one is David Hamilton, an accounting instructor at SCC.

2. Concert

The concert is Saturday!

We have to end early, so the band’s times are cut a bit. We’re going to raffle off the XBox.

3. April events

Azaria has a bake sale all set up.

Lacey’s March contribution for $25 paid for our booth at Earth Day.

Free Saturday is at Peter Pan Park in April.

Craft skillshare

4. Tyrrany is Tyrrany

This band is having a show at March 29, and we have been offered a table. If William’s back by then, then he would probably love it.

5. Internet stuff

Andi wants andi at commonroot dot net; Toby will set it up.

6. Money

We now have $1800.02.

$400 is reserved for 501(c)(3) status.

$400 or $450 is for a deposit on the new space.

$400 or $450 will be needed April 1 for rent on that space.


Toby Bartels

New money items (including last week’s items):
* $10.00 from Ahab for membership
* $20.00 from Adam for membership (4 months)
* $4.00 for jam
* $11.00 from Azaria
* $7.50 from Adam for buttons
* $25.00 from Lauren for membership (cheque)
Total $77.50


Toby Bartels

With my and Andi’s memberships, $1875.02.

Common Root Admin