Meeting Minutes 3/20/13

bike kitchen

they need a logo design

looking for new location,

needing a wed-site

planning gorilla bike kitchen in parks.

Donate bikes to mission, soup kitchen etc…

Looking for place to have workshop to fix bikes

looking for place to host bike repair in Near South

Looking for a location for this summer.

They want to use our back space for a temp Bike Kitchen.

They are working on 501c3 and applying for grants.

Looking for new board members

Sunday noon-4

monday 5-8


Tammy has poetry and a Dog medical expeince fund article idea, “Sadie Dog Fund”

Lacey wants to interview about “Itty Bitty Musik”

Questioning advertising for bussiness’s… where is the line…???

who do we support how much?

Ad-space or articles,

Two submissions from Bob.

“Occupy un-nessassary here” Ashamed of the state of the world where we have to protest.

Quote from…

Article of Right/Left Anarchism.


Need article of bike kitchen.

Matt Whitlocke might write something

xxilliam wants to write an article about the Oceans, the pollution and importance and climate and ice and plastic and life on Earth.


A piece about the collective publishing creative, Occupy and Children’s Book

HOUSE stuff

we are hosting the bike kitchen.

Zeitgeist is possible having bi-monthly meetings here to be arranged and we are establishing a point of contact.


Calendar, figured…

Saturday May 4th @ 1 pm North steps MAYDAY

Ashley seems to be moving out at long long last, thank you…

We need to fill the empty room….

Maybe the Bike Kitchen can take over this space for their purpose.

Treasury…$10.06 in donations… total

Common Root Admin