Meeting Minutes 3/7/19

Present: Scott, Lacey (Moderator), Emily, Alexa, Anna, Andrew, Tammy, Larry (Co-Moderator), Bob (Note Taker), Marzipan, Andira.

Whole-SUM Event – Larry – A networking event for organizations at Southeast Community College on Saturday, May 11th from 11-3pm. An interactive day of healing for mind, body & spirit. Some discussion of how Common Root fits into this and also that having a social safety net, like, Common Root, speaks to health. Lacey and Bob announced they have commitments that day. Anna and Emily indicated some interest in participating.

Heartland Pride/Omaha – Bob – $75 cost to participate for CR. Must be in place at 9am. Parade begins at 10am. This is in Omaha. CR already has a rainbow banner for use in a Pride Parade and also our tablecloth could be used as a banner for a parade. It was decide a vote would be taken at the next meeting on whether to participate.

CR Mission & Goals Review – Andira – Passed around our present and a suggested new Mission Statement, Values and What We Do. Much discussion of the use of the Oxford comma, colons and semi-colons was had. A revised version of each was agreed upon and recorded by Andira.

CreateFest – Bob – Bob has been in contact with the owner of The Maple Lodge in Lincoln and would first like to secure a summer date for this proposed event, and then build from there.

Finance Report – Andira or Donna – Moved to next meeting as data wasn’t available.

Star City Pride – Bob – Friday and Saturday, June 1 & 2. The least expensive sponsorship level is $300 which includes name recognition on stage banners, 1/4 page color advertisement in the Star City Pride Guide and a vendor booth at the fair, if desired. $80 cost for a 2 day booth Friday 4:30pm to 8pm and Saturday 12 to 8pm. CR has had difficulty finding volunteers to staff a 2 day booth in the past. It was brought up that Star City has made provisions that CR could have a booth for only 1 day in the past. A vote was proposed for the next meeting.

VOTING QUORUM – 1 Board Member, 1 Keyholder, 1 member of the CR fb organizational group, 1 Other attendee.

The next CR Meeting will be Thursday, March 21st from 7:30 – 9pm

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