Meeting Minutes 3/16/17

In attendance: Erica (co-moderator), Andira (moderator), Azaria, Bob, Lacey (note-taker), Mike, Larry and Heather

Mini-do – ConStellation Button creation – Larry’s on it!

Finalize April Calendars – May’s movie will be “Ed Wood”

Fall For Pride Updates – Mike is on the board of Trans Collaborations, they want a table at FFP and they are having a board meeting on Saturday. They are interested in sponsoring FFP as well!

Also, Mike got a trailer either 8’x10′ or 8’x12′ – for hauling tables to FFP WOW

Mike is awarded the “Superstar Volunteer” button.

Lacey and Andira got Auld Pavilion and Band Shell reserved- Sunday, Oct 8 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM. Event runs from 1-5 PM.
Brainstorming sponsorship incentives: Logos on lg cals, schedule, fb / social media posts & promos, banners and flyer logos.

Website Update – Anthony got backup of our database, he can get it copied over and start working on the website’s new design. Hurray!

Music & Poetry Event – Bob will arrive at 6 PM for setup. Bob reads through the donations from local vendors again. Andira volunteers to get a hold of A Novel Idea and possibly pick up their gift basket donation. We talked about the divisions of Ross Theater tickets – we vote for 4 sets of 3 – approved.

We will send a check later to pay musician and poet once we get square payment fees calculated.


Crafting Circle – Erica is inserted in facilitating a (monthly?) a Crafting Circle with another Key Holder. Heather, Bob and Larry are interested is hosting. Monday April 24th 7-9 PM? No takers for this date, but Erica can be part of the organizing group and ask for other dates and have a Key Holder volunteer.

Lincoln Unites – Coloring activity? We used coloring sheets last time as a way of promoting upcoming events and coloring was popular at this booth last year. We can have a final vote at another meeting. Looks like we’re leaning toward coloring. Other ideas mentioned: button creation, Plink-o for button prizes.

Earth Day – We don’t need an activity, but we’ll have information about CR, buttons and key chains for suggested donations.

SEED – The Untold Story – Beautiful documentary, offered for private showings. Minimum price to rent is $150 for 50 people or less. Bob emailed to see if there’s a price break for nonprofits. Larry suggests organizing a road trip for folks to go up to Omaha and see it. No decisions made yet. 

Tea Time – Heather is starting to host a monthly tea time at Common Root. There will be tea and tiny sandwiches. First one is Sunday, April 9 at 4 PM.

Key Holder – Azaria is interested in becoming a key holder again. Azaria is also interested in getting back into the organizing group and she has workshops, henna, candy-making and workout stuff, free form movement, dance workshops. She’s also interested in hosting crafting nights, reading groups.

Azaria is voted in as a key holder again and approved with concensus.

Welcoming sign – Erica donated it to the space! Yay! We vote with consensus to keep the sign. We will decide later where to hang it or if we’re going to get a larger version printed, we could bring the smaller one to booths, hang it on the door or window.

Agenda for next meeting:
VOTE – Coloring activity or buttons – Lincoln Unites (5m) Bob
Fall For Pride – Booth pricing, sponsorship levels and more (40m) Lacey
Recap – Music & Poetry (5m) Bob
Common Root Quorum
1- Board Member
3- Key Holding Members
1- Other attendee

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