Meeting Minutes 3/13/14

In attendance: David, Tammy, Scott, Azaria, Andi, Lauren

1. Earth Day- Lauren wants there to be a game or something engaging that would attract people’s attention. It should tie into what common root is all about. Spinning wheel of values and core beliefs for participant to spin and engage in conversation about ideas and what people want to see in the community.
2. Concert fundraiser- ??? It looks like a really good guest list. We are not sure if the promotional spot has been recorded yet.
3. Local Business sponsors- Ask local businesses to pay a monthly membership fee to common root and put up a sign in their shop that says “we support common root”. The business would have the option of donating a certain amount of money.
4. 501 c3- we went through the form and had a committee meeting and did some outline work and put together some information for the f1023 form. There is more form filing and treasury data collection to be done.
5. New location- That space with Carrie would be around $400 for CR including utilities. There seems to be concern about the space being suitable for sharing with toddlers. We would really need to up membership and have some fundraisers. The space is at 48th and Calvert. There are still a couple more places Andi needs to call. Azaria has been looking at smaller, rentable options. Month to month options are ideal. Contempo mobile home park on 1st St. between Superior and Cornhusker has a Space available for $50 with $50 deposit for each use. East Campus Union was proposed as a temporary solution.
6. Bake Sale- Azaria wants to have it in April, She is looking for people to donate baked goods. The tentative date set is April 4 or 11 between 3 and 7pm at Meadowlark Cafe. Gratitude Cafe – Kat and Mama are the owners. They might be down for participating in baking goods. Contact Samantha McCullouch. Azaria is wondering if Lacey will make sign imagery. Tammy and Lauren are willing to help man the booth. Azaria needs to talk to Adam.
7. Clean up project- Dave proposes the idea of getting people together and “adopt” an area to clean up. “Common Root Community Clean-up”. We could get families together, beautify the area and have a potluck before or after making the event complete!
8. Band- wants to share a space, they prefer Thursday nights and 2 other variable nights. Their budget is $100-160. Logistics are sticky. Will they want to leave their band equipment out? How would sharing space work out with our schedule and theirs. We should invite them to a meeting.
9. Stamp pads- we should buy some more. It was also suggested
10. Treasury- $11 from Azaria’s gloves. Lauren paid $25 monthly dues. $1681.12 is the total.
11. Zine-Lauren and Tammy offer to edit.
12. Games- We have a bunch of xbox games. We are getting rid of the one player games. Xbox- raffle at the concert. We should first find out how much money we could get for the items. Tammy and Scott volunteered to go to GameStop on Friday.

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