Meeting Minutes 3/13/13

Common Root Meeting Minutes 3-13-2013
Moderator: Andrew Notetaker: Shaina

Keys: A key to the cabinet was given to Toby.

Calendar-Next Month.
Earth Day: is on 4/21…this year
Free Saturday: Back at Neighbor’s Park
Dystopian Book Discussion…
Cleaning Meeting: Basement / back porch cleaning focus.
Collective Networking Potluck: Topic- Traveling Connects Us
Science Cafe: April 12th.

Screen Printing: Graphics on transparencies for screen prints for Earth Day.
Check with the Print Networking Collective if they can give us some screens and t-shirts for bulk.

Legal: Judge needs more documentation. Witnessing the exchange of notice given to Ashley. Andrew is giving written testimony.

Treasury: $325.97

Bylaws: March 25th meeting…Mission statement.

Long-term goals…
Increase event attendance.

Craigslist ad…People provide their skills to others and proceeds go to Common Root.

Big Fundraiser for New Common Root space.
Consider renting the bottom half of the duplex William is renting.

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