Meeting Minutes 3/12/15

In attendance: Barbara (note-taker), Ben (moderator), Lacey (co-moderator), Azaria, Mary Beth, Andira, Chelsea, Amanda, Jeanette & Patrick.

– April calendar
– Banners: Banner donated by Cornerstone have arrived and look very cool. Chelsea really likes them. Will put them in tubes and store under the cabinet.
– Color Me! (Materials): Encouraging adults to color. April 11. Jeanette and Lacey have coloring pages covered. Encourage folks to bring crayons.
– Vegan potluck: Amanda, Curry; Andira, Guacamole & chips – ask core members to let us know what they will bring. Invite participants to bring recipes and ideas for future event. ie. Films, how to cook, shop, how to identify vegan moodes
– Give to Lincoln Day: Members are encouraged to attend training. Four options in April for training. Lacey and Andira are signed up for April 28
– Update – Self-defense workshop: tabled. Remind Chelsea to remind
– Contact – GSA at NorthStar. Give mission statement. CR is an inclusive safe place for GSA students to earn gopo hours as well as to participate in activities.
– Earth Day Sign-up: Azaria, Andira, Ben, Lacey & Chelsea have signed up to work the booth
– Book Talk – July 19th? Link on organization page. Crate Digger first. Establish interview process for book talks. Advanced copy and time to read books before events. Event application.
– Internet access next week – taxes: Need wifi to do taxes. Possibly meet at Starbucks?
-Sequel meeting: Next meeting at 6:30 PM – 7:30 prepare taxes at BORING meeting.
— Treasury Update: 3,561.80.
-Art Calendar: Flyer, facebook description. Promotion, Show, Contest, production, sales, signing party, possible Zine to kick off theme. And QR code in zine for non print performance art links. Lacey will look into cost.
-Discussion of non-profit grant writing and 2-3 year requirements. Use connections with other non-profits.
– We took a group photo with our new banner!

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

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