Meeting Minutes 2/8/18

– Larry did internet research (about $10 each, $20 each for padded chairs)
– ‎We should check ReStore, those type of stores. Eco store closing, so there should be an influx
– ‎Other suggestion: Pads?
– ‎We’re not sure if we should be purchasing if we’ll be moving
– ‎M&H Sandwich on Randolph closed down

– June 1&2
– ‎2 p.m. setup opens Friday, June 1, 4-8pm, Saturday, June 2, 1-8pm. Can leave stuff there except money (one time set up).
– ‎Journal Star parking lot
– ‎Larry is tentatively willing to set up if we decide to have a table
– ‎Typically, we do a 10 foot space. Last year, we couldn’t drum up enough volunteers to staff both days
– ‎Tents supplied
– ‎We should figure out if we have enough volunteers to staff. Sari will create poll on Facebook group to gauge interest in staffing

– Sari wants to start purging again
– Need to attract younger people.
– Rent about $550/month right now

The next Common Root Meeting will be Thursday, Feb. 22nd.

Common Root Voting Quorum:
1 board member
3 key holding members
1 other attendee

Common Root Admin