Meeting Minutes 2/7/19

In attendance: Marz(ipan), Alexa, Bob (moderator), Larry (reluctant co-moderator), Andira, Lacey (note taker), Donna, Gwen, Jose, Tammy, and Scott

-Marz wants a button if they appear at a 3rd meeting. Spell it “Marzipan” Alexa needs ones too.

-Medicaid Expansion in Nebraska (20m) – Healthcare Access (Gwen) / Immigrants and Communities Organizer (Jose)

4 main areas; Immigrants and Communities, Healthcare Access Economic Justice and Child Welfare

They do this through; Public policy, community organizing, and (if needed) class action litigation

It’s voted that 90,000 people will benefit from Medicaid expansion, approved by the legislate last Nov., but the budget needs to be laid out and approved by July for it to become a reality. Get people prepped to testify on bills, getting people in the community together to discuss the community needs, visit clinics such as Clinic with a Heart or Heart Ministry Center to hear people directly affected by this, uninsured or under insured.

Postcard/contact suggestions – 2 bills mainly about Medicare expansion: The Tax Force, another will be a waiver. Tell them you are a NE voter that is an important issue to you, The wording doesn’t need to be policy specific, it can be more individual. Gwen is going to send us more suggested wording.
Storytelling and empowering people to tell their individual stories affected by the lack of medical care / insurance coverage. “This is why Medicaid is important to me…” Some senators will start to find common threads in these stories, and every once in awhile they’ll find one unique story that can be a tipping point to convince opponents. They encourage us to look for people affected by this, listen to their stories, connect with Gwen and she can help people narrow the most important aspects to a 3-minute time frame.
People to directly send Medicaid expansion messages to:
HHS Senators Howard, Arch, Kavanah, Hanson, Merman, Walls, Williams

Write to members of HHS committee, direct calls, send letters to them. Also contact your own senators telling this is a priority for you.

If you have any issues having to do with healthcare access, affordability, other questions concerning this, contact Gwen: (402) 438-8853 ext 141,

Jose is gearing up for Get Out The Vote, and also works for Nebraska Appleseed, so if you want to help with that effort or have questions he’s the person to contact about that. 

If we, as a collective, would like to advocate or do story telling we could do so. Putting a face to the issue is an effective way to get your point across to senators.

Omaha Together One Community hosts letter writing events in association with NE Appleseed. They work with Civic NE, Out Nebraska, South of Downtown Assn, they could consider coordinating with Common Root on such an event.

NE Appleseed can help with your letters to the Editor and Op Eds, and they can help you, look it over, make corrections to clarifications, and they can guide the letter writer.

-March calendar draft (5m) – Lacey passes around the draft of the March calendar.

-The Trans Clothing Closet update: requested has been submitted to the NE Student Union and now we wait.

-Treasury update (5m) – $7,644.59 Andira will make sure the rent was auto paid this month.

-Treasury necessary paperwork (until complete) – Donna and Andira have both gone to the Credit Union, and now they need a lot of paperwork that they didn’t originally ask us for.

They have requested a “Trade Name / Fictitious Name / Doing Business As” and requires a $100 fee. Trade Name doesn’t apply to us as a nonprofit. The Secretary of State’s office assumed the Credit Union must be asking for our articles of incorporation. Turns out it’s already been done, when we incorporated our name is “Common Root.”

We fill out the necessary paperwork as a group, with Donna acting as secretary and filling in the forms. She will turn them in to our credit union.

Lacey nominates Bob DiPaolo as a potential new board member. He is voted in unanimously with quorum.

Marz is interested in being a board member in the future. Lacey explained this process. She would be happy to nominate Marz once they fit the criteria. Volunteer role suggestion: Liaison to the University.

We need to name a principal agent at the Credit Union, which we should also use as the principal agent at the state. It is suggested that different people have different roles to spread apart.

We need to inform Toby that we’ll be naming a new principal agent and we intend to have the mail sent to Common Root.

Toby gets all correspondence, our two-year biannual report is due soon, but no one is aware details on this or that it’s a requirement. Toby is our director and our board is out dated in this paperwork. Anyone can go in and change the registered agent and board member names, but the charge to make these changes will be a nominal fee $5 or less.

Deadlines: biannual report is due with the state. No deadline with the credit union, but they won’t let Donna access the Credit Union account until we have all this paperwork filled out.

Secretary of State requirements: address change, registered agent, Andira volunteers, so does Larry. Larry will take over as registered agent. Larry, Andira, and Bob will be directors. Andira is listed as treasurer. Lacey and Bob are listed a key holders.

-Lincoln Atheists is having a Chili Cookoff here at Common Root on Sunday, March 31st. Bob and Lacey will host, Carra and Lincoln Atheists will facilitate, provide judges, etc. Lacey asks is anyone would like to submit a chili in the competition. Carra proposed that we charge $5 to submit a chili for judging and it will be free for attendees to eat, and free will donations will be accepted.

-Speaker system: $120 (mid-range) speaker system. Rechargeable, could use outdoors like at Free Saturday where we didn’t have electricity. It would be handy for the Open Mic Nights. If we needed it for speakers at events, it would be useful.

-We table these items for discussion at the next meeting:
Mission Statement/Values/What we do (Andira) 30 min
Heartland Pride Parade & Fest (Bob) 15 min
March cal draft (Lacey) 5 min
Speaker system (Larry) 10 min

VOTING QUORUM – 1 Board Member, 1 Keyholder, 1 member of the CR fb organizational group, 1 Other attendee.

The next CR Meeting will be Thursday, Feb. 21st from 7:30 – 9pm

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