Meeting Minutes 2/7/13

* Andrew (moderator), Lacey, Shaina, Toby (note-taker), William

1. Donation box

Lacey wants to take the donation box to the Occupy Cabaret.  Andrew forgot his tools, but we all agree.

Lacey wants to make a new donation sign too.  Shaina made a temporary one.

2. Treasury

Howard paid ahead for awhile, but we can’t use the money until it’s due from him.

Toby didn’t bring the spreadsheet, which Andrew wants to put on Google Docs.  We agree, and we’ll make it readable only by us 5 for now.

Shaina paid $31.10 for publishing the incorporation notice in the LJS, $22.36 + ($8.88 + 2 * $9.88) * 1.07 for toner, and $29.99 * 1.07 for a USB wifi card.  Credited against her rent, she owes $33.81 for February.  Since she already paid $50, now we owe her $16.19.  Also, she’s donating $16.19, so now it’s all even.

3. Old forum

No luck with Brian, and nothing’s been taken up with FatCow.

Toby wants to gather up old meeting notes from various computers.

4. Ashley

Once again, she says that she’ll pay soon.  We decided on an amount that we would accept.

5. Cleaning party next week – we will concentrate on clearing off the porches and maybe organizing the basement.

6. Tentitive date –  for bilaw review, about statment. house rules and 501 C3 at the Loshes on the 25th? We’ll check with Toby and finalize

7. Zeitgeist group would like to hold a ZDay meeting here on March 17th. Timeline looking like late afternoonish time frame. It is fine with the group, we’ll tell Ryan it’s on!

8. Working 501 C3 – we can talk more specifically at the meeting on the 25th, Shaina will do some research before then.

9. Zine: Everyone makes edits to the Feb zine issues. William offers article ideas for the next zine.
Topics for future articles: Shipyards in India, Mumia off death row…maybe pull into Ed & Mondo, Monsanto and Mexico (Walmart and Mexico)
put this list out.

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