Meeting Minutes 2/6/14

Note Taker
Lincoln Earth Day
Saturday April 12
** $25 for non-profit booth
We’ll pay it.
** Borrowed Canopy
** Adjoinging Booth Space with Little Free Libraries

** Lacey or someone will call them and set this up.
** Need to establish who will sit at the table.

Library Committee
** For book Little Free Library donations, talk to Lacey. Or visit a LFL in person.
** For Common Root Library donations, talk to Andi.
*** Dave will bring books
*** Abbie will bring books
** We need to organize the books
** Abbie will investigate making a mobile library

Zine update

** Ben has an article topic: What is Utopia?

** Received poetry from Abbie

** LFL related artwork to come

** Still need a couple submissions
Send them to

** Azaria will provide paintings of pictures

New Space

** Meeting space for next Thursday?
*** Pepe’s
Closes at 9pm – built in timekeeping!
It’s agreed. 7pm at Pepe’s. Spread the word.
** Update on possible CR space?
*** Andi reports
**** Found some stuff that’s expensive.
**** David (Landlord)’s space is checking out other tenants.
Might be unavailable to us.
**** The place near the Fishing Freddie’s
$600 and change plus high heating bill
Over 1000 square feet.
*** Heidi reports
**** warehouse space – some maker person
Needs walkthrough
**** Space above a bar
Too small.
*** Barbara asks: What is our budget?
We’re pulling in $300/month
*** Heidi asks:
How long will we look for the perfect space vs. how much do we
need a transitional space so we can have events now?
*** Barbara says don’t forget space for art.
*** Dave says, if our recurring incoming is $300/month, how can we consider places that cost more than that?
Response: fundraising.

Each fundraising idea has a point person, named here. They will
all meet at Heidi’s place (when?)
** UNL Makers – Heidi
*** Fundraising event: Art from Technology
Making art out of tech junk?
*** They want publicity right now because they are working to get their space set up on campus.
Which they plan to be open to the public.
*** They want to have some kind of competition. Registration proceeds to go to Common Root.
*** Heidi will email dave re: talking to makers.
** Baked goods – Azaria
** Art Auction – Bernie, Heidi
** Theatre/Music – Amanda
** Internet fundraising – Barbara

Website Committee

** Individual or guest logins –
*** Enable anonymous comments?
*** Enable anyone-create an account?

*** What this agenda item is about:
**** TODO Individual accounts for CR members to post meeting notes.
***** DONE Dave

** update from Toby + Dave about listserv

** TODO rename forum as meeting notes and gussy it up.

** Not everybody uses facebook.
*** Do we need automated cross-posting?

** TODO phone tree. Human delegation. For stuff like..
*** cross posting events and such.

** TODO Lacey is the only one that receives email.
Can we direct such emails to a group?


** credit union shopping
*** UNL Credit union
**** Andi heard that we can’t get an account
Talked to Corey. They can’t take an organization instead of an
individual. Heidi says she will look into this.

*** Liberty First Credit Union.
They don’t have ACH yet but they will have it in May.

*** Catalyst Union Bank and Trust
Heidi will talk with them.

** Treasury report

** TODO Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer
contact current credit union and point out that we’ve published
particulars about our account on the internet so they shouldn’t
accept transactions over the phone.

Common Root Admin