Meeting Minutes 2/28/14

In attendence: Andi (note taker), Alicia, Ben, Debora, Emilio, Heidi, Lacey (first mod), Marcia, Scott, Spencer (late), Tammy, Toby (second moderator, late)

1. Common Root – Photo Fundraiser
Emilio is profit-spiting an online photo gallery sales.
2. We are singed up for Lincoln Earth Day and paid.
People are signing up to cover the table. We have two canopies to us, one is Emilio’s.
3. Concert Fundraiser at Bourbon-
It is all ages. They will probably take the money at the door.
They have some tables. Not sure about selling food. We can probably come and hour early.

4. 501c3 committee is meeting Monday at MoJava, 7:00pm.
5. We are still looking at spaces. Andi is calling Dave Kloepfer about the space near 48th and Huntington, Ayres and Ayres.
6. Zine update – Heidi is sending a submission.
7. Treasury – $1510.12, $400 is earmarked for 501c3
Toby will look into updating Goodsearch information.


Toby Bartels

The Goodsearch info has been updated. It looks like anybody can submit a correction, and then they check it … somehow. Everything that I updated can be verified on our website, so maybe they looked at that.

Common Root Admin