Meeting Minutes 2/26/15

In attendance: Chelsea, Barbara, Tammy (co-moderator), Jeanette, Scott, Andira, Amanda, Jen, Mike, Sammi, Ben, Ailyne (moderator), Melanie, Azaria, Lacey (note-taker)

This meeting’s agenda:

– Key-holder nomination
–Sammi was unanamously voted in as a key holder.

– Lincoln Repair Cafe
Started in Meadowlark, then to Calvery United Methodist Church but interest dwindled and Meadowlark was too small. The turnout at Common Root has been steadly better. Jeanette is looking for input, if people are liking holding Repair Cafe events here and she’s looking. Might be a good opportunity for GoPo students. Lacey offers to send info to Neighborhood Extra and Ailyne suggests telling people about it and more people can share it on Facebook more. Jeanette is calling other makers, fixers, etc to join Repair Cafe, help, volunteer, etc.

Lacey will make a checkout list for her sewing machine so folks can check it out and folks approve Jeanette leaving her sewing machine (just for use during Repair Cafe) here.

Barbara suggests with a large space we could start a general tool library. People are very excited about this.


– Amanda reads us the SP CE Commons mission statement. She talked about their move from Parrish Studios to their space on 1239 S. 14th Street. Community events, based in poetry as a broad term encompassing a lot of different means of the word poetry. They have a 1-year leave through September. They have a small group of people offering money/donations to pay for the space, no one is committed. Andira explains Common Root’s membership payments.

They talked about affiliating with us at their last meeting, and folks volunteering at SP CE and they think it’s a good idea, but it might be down the road a bit while they’re getting their feet wet. We’re hoping to cross-pollinate with SP CE, Amanda will check if we can list one another on our websites but for now we are promoting one another within our spaces and gatherings. Amanda will check if they want SP CE buttons.

– Lincoln Earth Day update
We are signed up! 10-2 on April 18 – Lacey will make up sign-up sheet for volunteers to bring to a future meeting 

– Vegan Bake Sale in May
Meadowlark 11-3 on May 9th – “Vegan Boutique”

– New group photo date – March 12th

– Followup – Self-Defense Workshop
Recap from the Organization Group – Sammi suggests doing a talk or practical demo here after the fact. Tammy and Barbara are considering the dangerous aspects of doing it here, rather than a space that is setup for a self-defense workshop. She also suggests making sure we would be wecolme and the space is inclusive. Chelsea suggests contacting them formally so they’re aware we looking for an inclusive space. She is in favor of a discussion plus the physical teaching of techniques and connecting them is a good plan. It’s on 33rd across from Hwy 2. Barbara suggests calling it “Safety” workshop/talk.

– CR Zine – Issue 8
Lacey is calling for submissions
Barbara suggests doing another Poetry at the Moon, Melanie suggests reading poetry from others.

– Brainstorming for 2015 – refresher from out Annual Member Meeting

– Security – outside CR
– Barbara explains a situation at out last Free Saturday where a man said something sexually inappropriate to a event attendee. It was suggested we have someone a designated vibe-checker/safety officer, Chelsea suggests having a volunteer po-wow before a large event. Amanda suggests role-playing in a workshop. Sammi suggests at future Free Saturdays we could talk amongst the members about how to handle things like this when they come up. Mike suggests never approaching anyone alone, always bring anohther member for back up. Kylie might be willing to facilitate something about that.

– Writing Lincoln Initiative – 501c3 consult
Barbara and Andira suggest holding a skillshare event to help out folks who are interested in starting up their own 501c3 nonprofits. Lacey will get back to her and tell her a future event will be schedueld.

-Sammi suggests holding a monthly asexual support group and folks vote this is fine to hold at CR in the future.

– OUTLinc – Lincoln’s LGBT Community
Lacey is going to the first planning meeting for Pride in the Park (on Sat) the event is July 11th
– Treasury Update
-Two new members, Devon and Terry
-Tammy and Scott signed up for renewing their memberships -$120.00 total (1 year)
– $6 – Feminism Button sales
-$10 – Jam sales (2)
-Chelsea suggests contacting the GoPo teachers, volunteers could go into classrooms and talk about CR volunttering opportunities. Barbara suggests outreach aimed toward High Schools and their organizations. Chelsea suggests 3 groups of 2 for the different schools. Andira suggests consistant points of contact, and that could work into Chelsea’s idea. Ailyne suggests putting a call out online for volunteers for this. This is a commitment for interested volunteers. Chelsea is going to contact Southeast and Southwest. Andira is interested in joining Chelsea for these two schools.

Thanks to Josslyn for buying movies for QMN and donating them to our lending library!!

Future meeting topic: Vegan Potluck
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

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