Meeting Minutes 2/23/17

In attendance: Heather, Lacey (note-taker), Bob (co-moderator), Ava, Erica, Andira, Larry (moderator), Anthony, Angie & Sari

Mini-do – stuff & stamp LFL / UNP Takeover books

Followup – FFP Stage Manager
No commitment yet, Andira will continue to ask for volunteers 

Table cloth – VOTE – Approved for $137.99 table cloth from Good Life Imprinting
– Approved for white imprinted on black
– Lacey will contact Good Life for specs / to order

Calendar VOTE – First weeks events or anything we can fit / have finalized for the next month can be printed on the flyer calendars. Approved!

It’s requested the movie night descriptions to say whether movie is kid-friendly. That can mean a lot of different things, but Larry is happy to add details about this in event descriptions.

Vote – approved – Print calendar for March at Bob’s work. We will vote again for upcoming months.

Music & Poetry Fundraiser – Rock Island Social Club. Raffle tickets will be available $1 each or 6 for $5 – divided evenly between CR, Musician, & Poet. Poet will sell chapbooks, Musician will sell CDs, CR will sell raffle tickets and take donations. 

Raffe Prize Donations: $25 Gift Card from OMT Women’s Divine Resale, Ivanna Cone $25 Gift Certificate, Ross Media Arts Center 12 passes, Basket from A Novel Idea bookstore

Buttons – Conditional vote – Can we get artwork by Monday, 50 total donated, it’s legal possible for us to donate (student group 501c3), 10 vote yes if conditions are met, 1 vote no. Not blocked, so it passes with over 2/3 majority. Lacey will get a hold of Enia to check on followup questions / provisional vote details. 

Buttons – Sustain UNL buttons, we don’t loan out the button maker, but we’ll check with Enia and see if the Sustain group wants to create art and we can create buttons for them. 

LGBT Rally – Kevin from VERGE had many suggestions of how CR can help with the rally. They need volunteers to walk around making sure people are safe and watching for situations that may need mediation or de-escelation.

They are also interested in us creating buttons for the event, possibly donate buttons for rally volunteers and maybe sell buttons at the rally. Sari will check at their organizing meeting about legality of selling buttons at the rally itself & offer other updates and info at our next meeting.

Website update – Anthony has volunteered to help update our website! HURRAY!
Anthony needs – logins to hosting and to wordpress admin – full access. We can ask Toby to give Anthony access and he and Lacey and work together to make the site great again  (Some people have a problem with this joke). Vote passed, all in favor.

Look Sharp – Community Self-defense program – Andira went over the categories of the program, is looking for volunteers, has a crowd-funding campaign that has made $485 so far. She opens the floor for questions.

Andira’s plan is to compile list of interested parties, put out a survey to get ideas of when people can meet and how to move forward, a date to move forward will be chosen, the group will meet and finalize responsibilities, Sari asks if anyone can research ways in which we can utilize resources or ways others are going about organizing things like this. She suggests a way to post what folks are researching so we don’t duplicate efforts on this. 

Agenda – March 2 meeting:
LGBT Rally Update (?m) Sari
FFP Discussion – (30m) Lacey
April calendar draft (2m) Lacey
Common Root Quorum
1- Board Member
3- Key Holding Members
1- Other attendee

Common Root Admin