Meeting Minutes 2/22/18

In attendance: Larry (moderator), Sari, Jon, Andira (co-moderator), Mikayla, Tammi, Scott, Erica, Weston, Lacey (note-taker)

Fall For Pride –
Consider a committee for planning the event in place of an individual.
Discuss / create committee position descriptions.
Having an open house to discuss organizing the festival / community conversation inviting past participants to come in and help if interested.
Other organizations may be too bogged down with their own projects to take this over.
Larry is interested in being in charge of vendor contacts with the help of one or two volunteers.
Weston also interested in helping / being part of the committee.
Voted all in favor of emailing vendors and sponsors with date of this meeting/community discussion. We’d like to hold it some place larger /more accessible than CR.
New locations of the Mill were suggested, also Nonprofit Hub (Andira is checking with Outlinc to see if one of the large rooms is available for rent).
Sari volunteers to handing a application form / vetting process for individuals interested in joining the committee.
At the meeting we can establish the committee members, after that establish a facebook or online committee specific group.

Writing Marathon –
Weston took college classes with Erica *Fucking* Rodgers – she would conduct Writing Marathon gatherings at the Sheldon, Morrill Hall, the NE Union or another place that can inspire writers. He’s interested in hosting one of these Writing Marathons. Not a workshop, more of a creative “cesspool.”

The process: You write for an hour, then you share your writing for 15 -30 minutes, then you write for another hour, share again for 15-30 minutes. You can break into smaller groups to share during the hour of writing, then bring your pieces to share with the larger group. If the group is too large, we could split into two groups for the 15-30 minute sharing sessions.

The idea of breaking into different poetry and prose groups was suggested, but will probably not be used as a means of dividing groups at this gathering.

Could check with RSO group for backing / co-sponsoring if that might help get us free access to Morrill Hall. 

This would be solo writing and sharing, not work-shopping/critique. We’re excited to be able to offer writing events again, as we’ve offered in the past but not for a couple years. Voted all in favor of Common Root/Weston hosting Writing Marathons!

Locations options: Sheldon (free), Love Library (free), Morrill Hall (on a free-day), Bennett-Martin (free)

March Calendar – Passed around the March calendar for final edits and updates.

Cleaning and organizing events will be happening again in March, on the 8th from 6:30-7:30pm (before the meeting), the 15th from 6:30-7:30pm, and the on 22nd from 6:30-7:30pm (before the meeting).

Road Trip – Sunday March 4th, road trip to visit Jessica Lohafer in NE City for lunch. Lacey shares the details with the group. Let her know if you want to carpool/caravan for the visit.


New Location Update – Weston has been looking into new locations. He found one that’s centrally located, handicapped accessible, 1265 sq ft, $585/mo, where the City Mission used to be at 27th and O. The warehouse is also available, a big open space, community kitchen avilable (shared with other tenants). Parking is available! 

Two spaces available:

Suite 5 – 1265 sq ft, $585/mo

Long Warehouse Bay – 1 overhead door, 2000 sq. ft, $700/mo. Probably not good insulation / heating. Could we close off a smaller area for gatherings for climate control?

Folks want to do a tour of both, Weston will set it up and let us know when.

Web Design – 

Primary Goals for the site-Get people to events in person, how to get involved, mission statement listed, advertisement of events & goals

Call to action-Get involved/organize with us

Functionality- multiple admin accounts & logins with different roles such as the ability to update content, mobile friendly, a good calendar, good forms, ability to create our own forms, an easy way to donate, scrolling photos of our events, way to update people through the site/subscribe (announcements area), email aliases, search engine optimization, links to social media, mailing list form, the ability to change the navigation and menu items, portal for video content, a way to revert if that’s possible (if one of our admins messes something up accidentally), basic web analytics

Domain name & hosting? Yes, (we’re looking into buying .org!)

3 Nonprofit urls:,,

Page ideas: Bios pages, affiliates pages, organization history (someone could do a write up), add tabs or pages as necessary

Next Meeting agenda:
-Figuring out application/call for volunteers for future Fall For Pride planning meeting to be held on Thursday, March 29th at 7:30 PM. (30m) Sari & Lacey (we could just title this agenda item “FFP Planning Mtg”)
-Lincoln Unites (10m) Larry
-April calendar draft (2m) Lacey

Common Root Voting Quorum:
1 board member
3 key holding members
1 other attendee

Common Root Admin