Meeting Minutes 2/20/14

* Abby, Andi, Azaria, Barb, Emilio, Garren, Josslyn, Lacey (moderator), Toby (note-taker)
* Location: MoJava

1. Zine draughts

Lacey has some printed draughts; she’ll send out electronic drafts (which have one more article in them).

2. Corporation

Approved $400 to apply for 510(c)(3) status. Our deadline is May.

It would be very helpful to have revised articles of incorporation and completed bylaws beforehand. There is no committee to write these yet, and the 501(c)(3) committee can’t really take it on as well.

Andi proposes forming a by-law committee. Toby volunteers for it.

3. Concert fundraiser

Lacey has posters.

Maybe people can sell art outside or in the lobby? It worked at the Vagina Monologues!

Ask Spencer about selling food, tables, and taking money.

4. Delegation

As Dave suggested earlier, Andi and Lacey are delegating some of their tasks.

Lacey is delegating distribution of flyers and calendars. We passed around a list and people signed up.

Andi is delegating calling and texting people. Barbara volunteers to take some numbers; she suggests setting up a proper phone tree.

5. Website log-ins

Andi and Ben need them. Each needs to give Toby a user name (and potentially an email address.) Andi will be “Andi”.

6. Earth Day

It’s April 12 from 12:00 to 17:00 at Union Plaza (early date, new place!). Lacey can’t be there this year, but Andi can. The cost is $25; Lacey will pay it out of her membership fee. We will sell (by free will donation) again.

7. New space

Andi is going to look at a place near Cotner & Vine. Barb has a lead on a place for only $425 at the Hot Mess, but it has no elevator. Kinetic Brew and Itty Bitty Musik (in August) may share.

8. Money

There was some drama about a bounced cheque, but it’s all OK now. With new memberships and donations, we have $1415.62.

Azaria could maybe take on arranging the bake sale with Meadowlark.

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