Meeting Minutes 2/12/15

Andira (note taker), Barbara, Chelsea, Lacey (moderator), Mary Beth, Scott (co-moderater), Tammy

Board members
-not many are showing up regularly
-Barbara suggestes a new board member
-Andira will talk with other board members about 

-Treasury Update: $25 Feburary dues -Lacey
$25 Feburary dues – Andira
$82.50 – Logo Design work – Lacey
$25 February dues – Mary Beth
-we would like a monthly treasury report
-We have over $2908.45

Meeting Types
BORING vs. Regular meetings:
BORING: Dedicated to anything grant-related, 501c3-related, amendments to rules or procedures, paperwork, taxes, calendar updates & any emergency CR business, and other items as time allows

Regular Meeting: Any other CR-related business 

-internally we will have a available, tenative future months will posted in the organizing group
-ARAN – Barbara will talk to Toby about sheduling and the potlucks
-Read Across America – Having a Dr. Suess reading event with an activity
–Barbara with host, Monday the 2nd of March, at 4-5:30pm
–Lacey will make fliers and a sign for Free Saturday

-a keyholder could escort individuals out
-we would like to have buddy system and have multiple people close when possible
–events hosts can ask for a buddy
-add a sign to the door with a number when you’re hosting if the door will be locked
-Scott is looking for a sound notifier for the door

Cornerstone and Whole Foods (Lincoln and Omaha)
-we are fine with fundraisers, if there are no strings
-Lacey will fill out applications for funding

Firespring ofering free website setup
-we don’t want to pay $89 a month
-Andira will ask about payment processing options to consider

Touring Nonprophit Hub
Andira, Ailyne, Barbara, Chelsea, Tammy

Cornerstone $300 worth of printing
-we want a 6′ banner
-we want to know what the second would cost

Sequal meeting will be next week
-snacks are encouraged

Affiliating with the Lincoln Athiests
-we are discussing this possiblity, but there were some folks who felt uncomfortable with this when it was suggested

Affiliating with SP CE
-We would like to affiliate 

-Fundraising 2015
–Annul Membership Meeting, brainstorming

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members


Toby Bartels

Treasury: $3531.66

Common Root Admin