Meeting Minutes 2014-2013

In attendance: Andi, Amanda, Barbara, Ben, Clark, Dave (Moderator), Heidi Twohig, Jen, Josslyn, Lacey (note-taker), Lauren, Ollie, Scott, Tammy & Ted

1. Barbara announces 1 Billion Rising – annual event (2nd year) raises awareness worldwide of violence against women. There are free events starting tomorrow, donations collected for affiliated organizations. Lacey will share on the Common Root facebook page.
2. Events – Collective Networking Potluck – March 1st – potential topics “The pick-up politics” -Ben suggests. Dave calls for other suggestions. Amanda suggests pharmaceuticals/drugs insurance companies cutting off drug coverage as future topic for potlucks.
– Heidi Thompson has offered her home for this potluck. March 1st works for Ben to host and first Saturday is our typical potluck date. We’ll check with Heidi on the date.
– Free Saturday – March 15th 2-4 PM at Grace Lutheran
– Concert Fundraiser – March 22nd 3-9 PM at the Bourbon. No one from concert fundraiser committee is in attendance. Lacey wants to start promoting. Lauren and Dave will contact their musical friends in Omaha about playing. Last we heard from Spencer we have one slot to fill for the bands performing.
– Game Night – at Ted’s house on March 28th – 2143 South 8th 7:30 PM
3. Zine update – Amanda has recipes, Barbara has stuff to add visual interest, Amanda has photography, Tammy has poetry for upcoming issues, others may as well (we are poetry heavy already in this issue). Ben will write a short article. Dave asks if we can publish articles that aren’t locally written. Sure we can, he will send Lacey what he has. Amanda, Jen, Andi, Ben, Dave & Lauren would like to help edit. Send Amanda a PDF, Dave would like INDD and PDF and Lacey will also bring hard copy drafts to next week’s meeting.
4. New Space Update – Landlord raised the rent $400 more per month (up to from $800 – $1200/month) so we can no longer afford the space we we’re interested in. Dave says Common Root is homeless and we need a fix – we have spent this year (so far) searching for commercial space to rent. Lacey feels we could afford $450/month, but every place we’ve looked into is out of our price range. Dave asks if anyone knows about “The Bay,” Alex came to a meeting in December to talk about the affiliated “I’ve got a name.” Andi offers to talk to Alex or go into The Bay and ask. Lacey and Andi will contact Carol at some point, on Adam’s suggestion to see if she has any interest in rent the old Bike Kitchen house to us.
5. Membership Fundraiser Update – Lauren paid monthly dues and Ben owes monthly dues next week, others are paid up. Dave calls to see if anyone would like to join as a CR member who isn’t currently a member. We have one new $5/month member and one new $1/month member.
6. Dave brings up that if Andi and Lacey get hit by a bus (or buses…lol), Common Root may cease to exist. He gives them homework to come to the next meeting with one thing to delegate to others that they are behind on or not interested in to help share the responsibilities.
7. Ted brings up a friend’s nature day camp that is a 501c3, she’s looking for 20-30 acres of land, maybe a pond, for the summer. Let Ted know if we know of a space. His friend might be interested if so. Heidi has a suggestion near her home which she and Ted discussed.
Treasury: Toby texted that treasury is the same, but as of this meeting we have $5 from one new member and $12 from Barbara (our newest member!) plus Barbara paid $10 in exchange for 10 zines. Lauren gave us a dues check for $25.

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