Meeting Minutes 1/8/14

* Amanda, Andrew, Azaria, Ben (moderator), Dave, Lacey, Lauren, Ollie, Toby (note-taker)

1. New space

Andrew and Ben looked at the space suggested by Jo. It needs fixing up, but we have a lot of leeway to do what we want. It’s $250 per month with $100 deposit, including water and trash. The heat is electric, so no gas. Possibly we could pool Internet with nearby tenants? Ben has pics but they’re poor quality. He’ll rent directly to the nonprofit corporation. Lots of shelving. Good streetfront space, but kind of far east. We still need to see the bathroom. It’s hard for all of us to see it, since it’s only open during the workday. Lacey and Azaria suggest a paint party or similar event.

2. Smile!

Each of us has something to smile about. Except Andrew.

3. Listserv

Lacey wants to hold off until we have more definite news. Some discussion about better ways to send it.

4. Fundraising

Toby needs to figure out Paypal. We have bands lined up but the space is not yet certain.

5. Membership

We discussed have official memberships. Dave suggests have memberships at whatever price people want to give, between $0.00 and $300,000,000.00. We could use the stock for Dave’s business cards as membership cards. The membership solicitation could also indicate our monthly costs, but that makes others uncomfortable.

6. Treasury

$6 from Azaria, $1 from Lauren, and $20 via Lacey from Roger from the potluck. This brings the treasury to $383.10 (plus maybe $5 in uncounted change and about $12 that Azaria has in the pipeline).

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