Meeting Minutes 1/30/14

In attendance: Andrew, Abbie, April, Azaria (moderating), Ben (co-moderator), Curtis, Dave, Heidi, Jossyln, Lacey (note-taker), Lauren, Toby

1. Meetings:
-Co-moderator role is suggested as a learning role to prepare folks for acting as moderator in the following meeting. Ben also suggests a “vibe-keeper” role rather than co-moderator. Lacey suggests pulling time-keeper into the co-moderator role. Andrew suggests keeping time-keeper role separate. Dave suggests a list of the roles of moderator, co-moderator, etc and reviewing these list of duties once every few weeks as a group. Andrew seconds Dave’s sentiments of taking time to discuss group processes and expectations of these roles.

-Rotating spokes person – Heidi suggests bringing it up at the meeting if you’re on a committee and see a need for a committee or task group to take initiative outside the meetings to take care of their responsibilities. Otherwise, to let task groups and committees operate organically.

2. Values statement is read aloud by Azaria. There are no oppositions to this addition to the mission statement but Heidi does have a suggestion to edit the punctuation which she will send us.

3. Direct Deposit – Heidi checked with the Nebraska Federal Credit Union (NUFCU). We can speak with Dena Noe about having a slip of paper available at NUFCU for folks with accounts to donate to CR. Heidi also spoke with NUFCU about getting a bank account under Common Root and they do not charge for ACH transfers. It is possible that larger, corporate banks may charge their customers on their end for ACH transfers to our NUFCU account. They need a resolution statement & tax ID. The resolution statement gives authority to specific individuals to have access to the non-profit account. There are financial accountability procedures within 501c3 so we can ask about multiple individuals to sign off on CR banking stuff.

4. List serve announcement: call to artists, interested in sharing our our space, getting involved in our space or also a call for zine submissions. Lacey is aiming to have zines ready for March 22nd fundrasier concert. This list serve announcement will probably go out the first week of February.

5. Salty-Dog Cycling would be someone to check with in sharing retail space or if not that getting together for events and working collaboratively with. Dave suggests connecting him with the bike kitchen. Frosty bike ride is coming up on Feb 2nd.

6. MailChimp – People like the idea of making it clear that we’re using MailChimp in our first email to our list. However, as Curtis reads the fine print, MailChimp does collect people’s info. The group has issues using this service if they’re collecting people’s information. Dave is interested in doing his own, open source list serve programming, but this will be more labor-intensive. Toby has another option, but with primitive features. Toby and Dave are planning to get together this week to work on this project.

7. February events are on except the potluck, but Heidi is interested in hosting for March Collective Networking Potluck, if we don’t have a space by then.

8. We showed the flyer/calendar distribution list to folks. Next flyer will likely be for the concert fundraiser on March 22nd.

9. Concert fundrasier: Azaria and Heidi are voting for using just the front room only at the Bourbon. Spencer had suggested asking people to have art tables. 6-8 artists would fit in the front space. The front room will cost $80 to rent. If we were to reserve the large stage it would cost $250.

10. Other space possibility – 1500 sq ft. Curtis thinks we might be able to get a deal. There are other spaces we can look into and call about price per month to rent. Azaria does not want to rent a place downtown if the only daytime parking is meter parking.

11. GameRoom for the next meeting – Curtis will check into it for the next meeting and if that doesn’t work we can meet at the Hi-way Diner.

12. We discussed legal issues.

13. TerraCycle – Lauren is interested in helping with TerraCycle at the new space, if there is room for it. Barbara has also shown an interested in this online.

14. Treasury is at – $1293.62 – we signed up a few more members!

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