Meeting Minutes 1/26/17

In attendance: Lacey, Heather, Bob, Larry, Kelly, Andira, Jennifer, Sari, Johnathon

What We Do – Andira – Everyone wrote down 3 words they associate with Common Root and these were listed on the board at the end of the meeting.

Google Calendar – Andira – Andira demonstrated the Google Calendar. Your smartphone will remind you when an activity is approaching. TechSoup for nonprofits.

Music & Poetry – Bob – Bob reported that proposed venue has not responded to phone, email & FB message. Other venue ideas were suggested. Lacey volunteered to try contacting original venue.

VolunteerLinc Tutorial – Andira – CR currently has 2 volunteer needs listed with VolunteerLinc: Attend meetings and assist with Free Saturday. VolunteerLinc can connect you directly with agencies you’re most interested in. 

Approving Requests – Collaborative FB Group – Larry – Larry asked if there were any specific criteria for approving new members: not really, CR tends to err on the side of being inclusive unless request is from a very suspicious looking source such as a fake account / bot.

Calendar Entries – Larry – Feb. 5th Repair Cafe at The Commons as an example. CR doesn’t normally include non-CR events but we do approve some, like Repair Cafe. Consider only putting free, or suggested donation, events has been the policy of the past. Voted NO to include an event for February that has an admission price.

FFP Volunteer Update – Lacey – Lacey reported that almost all volunteer roles have been filled and she will probably call for a vote at next meeting on whether to proceed with 2017 FFP plans and reservations.

LGBT Rally – Lacey – CR was approached by VERGE to help with this rally scheduled for Sunday, June 11th. There is interest, we will table further discussion for the next meeting. 

NoDAPL/Keystone XL – Jennifer – Jennifer is attempting to collect 9,006 empty soup cans to create a display. 

Transgroup – Andira – Discussion on Transgroup using CR for fundraising, like Porchfest did in 2016. No vote taken.

Community Self Defense – Andira – Currently working on this which would be for people at risk in the community.

Table Cover – Bob – 10 minutes
FFP Vote – Lacey – 30 minutes
Google Calendar Update – Andira – 15 minutes
LGBT Rally – Lacey – 10 minutes 

Common Root Quorum
1 board member
3 key holding member
1 other attendee

Common Root Admin