Meeting Minutes 1/25/18

Present: Erica (Co-Moderator), Weston, Larry, Lacey (Moderator), Bob (Note Taker), Andira, Spencer

G2LD 2017 (Give To Lincoln Day) – Lacey – A total of $1,800 for CR was received after G2LD had neglected to issue checks for the full amount donated. Our new Treasury amount is $7,500.91, the most money Common Root has ever had in it’s Treasury! (Bob’s math… $7,500/$550 a month (rent & insurance) = 13 and a half months of financially stress-free CR operation!)

Fall For Pride – Lacey – As previously stated on the CR FB Organizational Group, Lacey will not be volunteering as this event’s overall coordinator for 2018. Numerous ideas for the continuation of this festival were discussed… CR organizers divvying up major responsibilities among ourselves… contacting organizations, such as KZUM, Outlinc, etc., to take it over, “advertising” on the CR Collaborative Group for individuals, or an outside organization, to take over Fall For Pride.

In related news Maya will be organizing both Porchfest (late Sept?) & Queerfest (early Oct?).
CR voted and approved CR acting as donation-central for both Porchfest & Queerfest, with CR keeping 10% of donations.

VERGE Anniversary – Lacey – VERGE is the LGBT social outreach of Vine Congregational Church . VERGE’s 5yr. anniversary will be celebrated with a spaghetti dinner & concert on Friday, June 22nd, and a family block party with a grill-out on Saturday, June 23rd. CR volunteer opportunities, organizational & otherwise, may be available.
CR voted and approved the donation of 100 free buttons for VERGE.

Earth Day/Lincoln Unites!/May Day – Lacey – These 3 events may potentially fall on the same weekend, which would be problematic as CR has participated in all 3 events in the past. (After the meeting this was found to not be the case. See the CR Events tab on the FB Organizational group for festival scheduling.)
CR voted and approved 100 free buttons for the Lincoln Unites! festival.

Stuff – Weston – Weston offered to spend time investigating potential new spaces for CR and reporting back to the group in future meetings and/or via the Organizational group.
CR voted to approve Weston’s pursuit of potential new CR spaces.

CR Financial Wealth – Andira – As CR has found itself with more money in its Treasury than it has ever had before Andira wondered what CR might use some of these additional funds for. Ideas such as paying for the creation and maintenance of a new CR website and/or a second button making machine were discussed.

The next Common Root Meeting will be Thursday, Feb. 8th.

Common Root Voting Quorum:
1 board member
3 key holding members
1 other attendee

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