Meeting Minutes 1/24/19

Present: Lacey (Moderator), Larry (Co Moderator), Alexa John, Anna, Bob (Note Taker), Emily, Mars, Andira.

Finalize February Calendar – Lacey – the February calendar was passed around for edits.

Lincoln Earth Day – Lacey – The 2019 Lincoln Earth Day celebration will be Saturday, April 27th from 10 am to 3 pm at Union Plaza. Nonprofit Vendor $55 (us), which is a price increase from $35 last year. Last year CR took in $171 in button, magnet, water bottle & t-shirt sales.

The pros/cons of CR being a financial sponsor for Lincoln Earth Day were discussed and among those were…
–CR’s body count is down but our treasury remains high and is growing. Could use money to help organizations and causes we believe in as we can’t contribute much in people labor.
–use CR funds more to grow our own organization rather than others.

*VOTE – YES (Quorum) to spend $55 for a booth in which we can sell merch.
*VOTE – CR making a $500 sponsorship donation DID NOT PASS.
*VOTE – CR making a $100 donation (on top of our $55 booth expense) DID NOT PASS.

The winners of 4 coffee mugs imprinted with the CR logo and given to CR by Goldenrod Printing were:
Scott – Emily – Erica – Donna

Lez Bi Event – Andira – Andira envisions a queer women event possibly with a performer(s), speaker(s). Maybe a brunch from 11-2pm, possibly as early as February and in collaboration with other organizations such as Outlinc.

CR Mission Review – Andira – Andira would like to revisit CR’s values and goals.
–Levels of involvement
–Mission Statement
–3 key values of our organization
–Goals of CR
This will be done in stages at future meetings.

Other items – it was reported CR received $127 from various FB contributions, one of which was from our own Alexa John. A $100 check was given to Larry from St. Monica’s, presumably because Larry represented CR at a St. Monica’s event and he spoke. Larry then donated the money to CR.

Mars talked about various functions of the UNL LGBTQ Resource Center.
VOTED YES (Quorum) to give Mars the pronoun buttons which had been donated to CR from Newt’s Cute Loot.

VOTING QUORUM – 1 Board Member, 1 Keyholder, 1 member of the CR fb organizational group, 1 Other attendee.

The next CR Meeting will be Thursday, Feb. 7th from 7:30 – 9pm

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