Meeting Minutes 12/4/14

In Attendance: Ailyne (moderator), Andira (note taker), Azaria, Barbara, Chelsea, Jennifer, Lacey, Marcus, Mike, Melissa, Patrick, Scott 

1) Azaria will talk with George about a sign language class.

2) Alcohol Policy – We are discussing how to implement this. Toby please add it to the policy.

3) WiFi – Stacey (across the hall) wants to share, and we would split

4) New plants! – People like the new plants and the reuse water from the Losh house.
5) Skillshare image (from Beehive workshop) – Lacey will work on a logo variant of the branch concept.
6) Free Saturday December – Happening in a large meeting room at Gere branch Library
–OFTF Holiday Food Drive – Marcus has fliers he will bring Friday
–Possible children’s shop & wrapping station
–Lacey will make an online text flier for people that might give items
7) 501C(3) Support – Lacey will ask Toby for the copy of the documents
8) “The sequel”
$50 per hour, Auld Pav, Bandshell $100 3 Hours, $60 to exchange money, for sale. We’ll also need event insurance.
No discounts for 501C(3) status 
-We’re talking about a crowd-funding option
-We need to define “noncommercial,” or call it something else.
-Next week we create the outline and discuss supplemental meetings.
-Andira will further contact people about possible cheaper options. 

9) Treasury – “After paying rent and collecting donations, our total is $2387.36, of which $1990.88 is in our credit union chequing account.”
-$21 from art card sales
-$5 from Jennifer
-$25 from Melissa
10) We have consensus that Chelsea is sweet <3
11) A Novel Idea wants to promote us and donate some Tuesday earnings. We say yes!
12) Key Holder Handbook, we went over a page tonight.
13) Annual membership meeting in January - Member meeting
-Window clings for people or bumper stickers, pennant, we should have bike friendly
--Possibly Screen Ink, because they are green
--Other Choices?
-January Calendar Draft
--2 Repair Cafes requested in January
--Institutional Racism discussion panel
-Include scholars, activists,
-Talk with Mahek for ideas and connections
-Pat at the LGBTQ Center
-Southern Poverty Law center
-We might have the panel talk or put the discussion on KZUM

Andira suggests an OFTF Zine article, people like it.

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