Meeting Minutes 12/4/13

Present: Andrew Losh, Lacey Losh, Azaria Wallick, and Ben Steinke
Facilitator: Lacey Losh
Notetaker: Ben Steinke 

CALENDAR DISTRIBUTION: Andrew and Lacey will take calendars to businesses and individuals around town. They encouraged us to take some with us. 

TREASURY: Azaria donated $85 to Common Root. 

JO TETHEROW’S JELLY/JAM CANNING EVENT IDEA: Barbara Tracy suggested crockpots, since CR building has no large sink or oven. This may be a much longer process than we have time for. Trying to have the event at CR may be problematic due to lack of resources for efficient and quick heating. 

MATT TALBOT DRIVE: We suggested to outside people/organizations that they donate money/foodstuffs to organizations involved in drive instead of bringing it to our building. We’re just getting the word out for this!

ITTY BITTY MUSIK: Carrie Hanson wants to do classes here; she would give us 15% of what she makes from charging for classes. She needs at least 3-4 dedicated students. What will be the hourly rate? What time would they be held? We suggested charging Carrie $15 per session for use of the space. Rate was approved by all present. 

FLAKY FACILITATORS: Suggested process of having at least two weeks’ notification for hosting an event so that if complications arise that would make facilitation of event unlikely, we would have time to find alternate facilitators and notify community about cancellations. Also suggested was an online form for possible facilitators to let them know that committing to their event is very important. If they are absolutely unable to commit or have doubts about being able to follow through, they should not sign the form.


Toby Bartels

Is $48 of the $85 donation from Azaria for her auction items?


Lacey Losh

Yes Toby, that’s correct. This donation was to cover her purchases at the fundraiser and also some of the money her friend owed me for design work. (If I’m remembering this all correctly.)

Common Root Admin