Meeting Minutes 1/23/14

Indigo Bridge Bookstore, Thursday, January 23rd, 2014
PRESENT: Benjamin (notetaker), Andrew (moderator), Azaria (co-moderator), Lacey, Bernie, Cassandra, David (landlord of 11th and Arapahoe space), Olivia, Spencer, Heidi, Scott, Curtis, David (CR member), Ollie, Tammy, Lauren, Toby, Lynnette, Barbara.

-Values addition to mission statement

-Point People

-New Space
*Open Hours
*Meditation Space
*Food-safe community kitchen

-Membership Program
*Direct Deposit

-Coordination Chart

-Legal Stuff

-501©3 Committee
*By-Laws Meeting

-Concert Committee



-Values addition to mission statement
—We distributed small sheets with the mission statement and proposed values addition to all participants; Inserting value addition to middle of mission statement was proposed; idea was to keep mission statement simple but succinct.

-Point People, rotation:

—Andrew suggested more specialized focus on specific tasks as a committee/spokescouncil and would report to larger group; point person for each group would report during meeting, and roles would be rotated in order to familiarize each person with the tasks; helps each person to learn skillsets; helps to strengthen group leadership skills for each person involved; small committees would lessen the burden of each person volunteering for a task; the spreadsheet/chart gauges peoples’ interests in various tasks;
people can see what they might be interested in getting involved in; Azaria suggested a document for other organizations to have access to so they can see who has a certain ability and “recruit” them!; Curtis suggested use of Google+ program for networking among organizations (can use Gmail or other email provider to sign up); David suggested CR going low-tech; Heidi suggested separate IT platform for CR using Google Circles.

-New Space:

*Open hours, formalize people to hold: find out about keyholders to hold store hours.

*Meditation space: proposal for meditation center as part of CR space; it would open doors for community interaction and involvement; commensurate with free library, storefront, selling crafts, community kitchen for potlucks and selling simply meals for fundraising, just “hang out”, other forms of community collaboration; David (landlord) vision for space: owns space off Craigslist on 11th and Arapahoe [1,000 sq. feet out of 3,400 sq. feet total; background is in Santa Fe, NM group (anti-war organization, bi-local campaign, Santa Fe Alliance, 800 local members, budget supported by SF economic development); started in meditation around that time; moved to Lincoln with wife; got into real estate investment; looking at getting tenants and starting meditation space; David wants to contribute money and time (?) to space; served on Community Crops for 3 years; CC is growing by leaps and bounds; advised us to get involved with other community kitchens.

*Food-safe community kitchen: open to communal space with community kitchen!!!; nutrition/diet for special health cases (diabetic, food allergies, vegan, gluten-free, etc.); owned franchise restaurant; talked about what kitchen operation would involve as far as licensing, inspection, etc..; proper HVAC system, ceiling, disabled access, special grade of refrigerator, etc.; grants from SEC available for community food outreach/educational program affiliated with culinary school; Azaria suggested cooking classes for low-income community; Heidi talking about also reducing food waste and coordination of different activities; David (CR member) had reservations about community kitchen, and wants to stick to more of a potluck/no-selling scenario; Olivia mentioned Natural Grocers’ kitchen space for possible use of CR; discussion of different venues serving food as possibly being involved with CR; David (CR member) would curate website list for different venues and food-related organizations like FoodNet, etc. and their contact information.

*Investment: Talked about the concept of “investment” as the pouring-out of not just money, but personal energy and time; not about consumerism, but about “getting back” in personal and community fulfillment.

-Membership program:

*Committee: Membership Committee is Lacey and Andrew; many people have signed up and committed to monthly membership!!! VERY easy and efficient way to make money!!! Membership buttons are very effective in encouraging membership!! Heidi would like to join Membership Committee! (Toby reports $1,095 now in treasury!!!!).

*Direct Deposit: David (landlord) mentioned DD as efficient and predictable way to ensure regular income for space! Need to find credit union that will do DD or ACH transfer (ask about volume quotas for ACH transfers!). Discussion of setting up debit card withdrawal accounts. UNFCU suggested as great source by Heidi for account for CR. Heidi suggested that federal credit unions are preferable to community ones (federals are better subsidized). David (CR) suggested getting fee schedules set up.
Curtis suggested maybe getting donation of POS equipment for financial transactions.

*Listserv: Send notifications for groups to sign up for $25/month membership so they can have art showcases to help us pay for the space; inform them several times per year for time for exhibits/events and space in storefront; Heidi suggested using momentum of First Fridays and other art spaces/events around town. This would be a sustaining membership for these groups/individuals; self that doesn’t sell can stay in space; Heidi mentioned crowd-sourcing art items for donation at Free Saturdays and selling them at CR’s space; Curtis suggested that workshops could be suggested-donation-driven, a way to raise money for project supplies without forcing donations—all voluntary; money coming in for liquid assets for next project.

* Visual Arts Committee: Andrew suggested a committee for Visual Arts planning/promotion. This should be separate from Concert/Music (Performing Arts) category.

-Concert (Performing Arts) fundraiser:

—Spencer has bands set up for concerts!!! Once A Pawn, March 22nd, goal is Bourbon Theatre!! Curtis knows people from The Game Room! Target demographic? Nightlife/Arts scene, not especially late hours for family-friendly environment and involvement!!! Reaching out to families extends demographic and more involvement! All ages events would also draw students. KZUM radio could do spots on radio for concert events (maybe recorded announcement?). KRNU (UNL) and Daily Nebraskan could also be avenues for announcements. Also get a write-up in Lincoln Journal Star? Mention in articles that we’re looking to raise funds! 

-501 © 3 Committee:

—Will meet on February 17th (?) In process of getting this status so that all donations would be tax-deductable. Will also allow us to get grants. We’ve got money for 501 © 3 status re-filing!!!! We can still work on charter and by-laws while non-profit status is in process. Barbara is on committee! 

-Website Committee:
—Several people have now joined. Toby, Bernie, Curtis, Lacey, Ben, etc.

-Treasury Committee:
—Toby and Andrew are members. Treasury total report: $1183.62!!!!!!!! No debt owed as of this time!!!!!!!   

-Financing Committee:
—Curtis wants to be consultant.

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