Meeting Minutes 1/23/13

  1. No smoking signs will be put on porches, designed by Lacey and laminated by Andrew

  2. Towel laundering – Toby did some, Lacey is washing some blue ones

  3. Facebook – our page can create events. If we can make events easily, we will deactive the group page

  4. Treasury is $452.79 – William and Toby are both donating $200

  5. Wiliam would like to check into putting a food cart together to sell food at sporting/other events

  6. We are having forum trouble

  7. Earth Day – We putting up a booth and probably registering under activism, we want to do some screen-print shirts and patches

  8. Calendar – ARAN is meeting next in March, Radical Poetry is happening in February, 2nd Amendment discussion Tuesday 19th 7-9pm, Dystopian Bookclub Sunday the 24th

  9. Grants – We want to look into grants

  10. We received checks in the mail

  11. About statement, lease and rules – tabled

  12. New Location ideas – We don’t think the 33rd and Bst location will work. We want to look into other options.

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