Meeting Minutes 12/28/16

Bob (co-moderator), Marcy, Larry (moderator), Andira & Lacey (note taker)

Job Responsibilities for FFP
Email correspondence (3 at least): Marcy, Bob, Larry
Publicity (1): Lacey
Overall Coordinator (1): Lacey
Music Manager (1): Ask Spencer
Poetry Speaker Manager (1): Ask Heather
Volunteer Coordinators (2-3): Andira? Ask Fette?
Raffle Coordinator (1):
Odd jobs “utility infielder” (1):

Side note: High School kids at Lincoln Unites – “Around the Corner” or “Turn the Corner” as possible volunteers for FFP.

Lacey will post a call for volunteers on the organizing group, Andira will bring it to the Outlinc Board Meeting and Lacey or Andira can post in the Trans+ Support Group.

These roles need to be filled before we start booking / paying for rentals.
Voted. All in favor.


Table cloth sign for booth 6′ table would be nice. Bob is asking that we consider purchasing. Prices varied quite a bit. The largest price difference was for single color vs. multi color logo and name. $137.99 is the lowest price for a one color, one side design. Aim to put in a vote before April when we need it. Maybe Mindy has a sample we can feel the quality of?

Volunteer coordinator organization – Lacey is interested in becoming the “Volunteer Coordinator” for Common Root, and getting involved in quarterly meetings along with other Volunteer Coordinators in the Community Volunteer Council. There are also lunches and socials that it might be possible for others to join in.

The group votes with consensus for Lacey to do this for 1 year’s $100 fee.

Andira would like to establish titles for volunteers at Common Root. She suggests Lacey is a Volunteer Coordinator. Make it clear the titles are descriptive and not prescriptive. This listing could be available online so people knew whom to contact and whom to collaborate with.

Lacey is officially titled “Volunteer Coordinator” – voted. All in favor.
Honorary Vice Admiral of…wordage? = Marcy. (Not voted on…it implies we have a fleet of boats.)

“What we do” isn’t a sufficient description in our online presence. We can come with ideas and drafts to the next meeting to discuss and revise.
Suggested wording “Community Enrichment Organization.”

January 12 Agenda Items:
-Vagina Monologues / merch sales (10m) Cei
-”What We Do” Description update (15m) Andira
-Music & Poetry Update (10m) Tentatively – Bob
-Newsletter (5m) Bob
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

Common Root Admin