Meeting Minutes 12/27/18

Attending: John, Lacey, Andira.
Moderating: Bob
Taking notes: Larry

—CreateFest – Bob- 10 minutes – I will keep bringing up this proposed event until we vote on a specific date.
Lacey says Maple Lodge is very large and would have plenty of room.
Hub Jordan would be the main person to contact. Bob will be getting in touch with him.
Possible dates considered were in early July, Maybe Saturday, maybe Sunday.
Possible things we might do, Writing marathon, Photographers social, coloring table, live music, (Acoustic preferably.) Balloon animals. 

—Buttons – Bob – 30 minutes – Inventory current button stock. Make list of button needs.
We created an inventory for the buttons, on Larry’s laptop and saved on the CR Google Docs.
Bob inscribed numbers to the sheets of buttons already printed.

Agenda item for the first January meeting:
Discussing Fall for Pride possibilities Need to determine if we would have enough volunteers that can commit to helping with the planning and execution. 

Voting Quorum:
1 – Board member
1 – Keyholder
1 – member of CR Organizational FB group
1 – Other

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