Meeting Minutes 12/19/12

* Andrew (moderator), Lacey, Laura (new), Shaina (partly), Toby (note-taker), William

1.  Treasury

No news.

2.  Ashley’s TV

Ashley doesn’t want to take her TV, so we’ll put it in storage for potential later use.

3.  Cleaning party

Anybody with a key is free to show up and clean whenever they like!

The January 2 meeting would be a good time (except maybe for Toby), starting at 6:30 pm CST.

4.  Ashley

Accepting any money from her resets the calendar on her notices to leave.  But we’ve decided that Toby will accept any payment that seems to be a good-faith effort to start paying.  But we can give her another 3-day notice as long as she’s behind.

In fact she has no money, but we don’t have time to sue her now, so we don’t even decide if we want to.

5.  Nonprofit status

Our notice will be published in the LJS business classifieds for Dec 15, 22, 29.

We have our EIN for tax purposes, although we can’t actually employ (the ‘E’ in ‘EIN’) anybody without arranging for workers’ comp.

6.  New lease

Toby has provisionally changed a few things on the lease.  No consensus on whether to require following the house rules in tenants’ rooms.  We may need a no-smoking policy, whether in the rules or in the lease.  We may also need a clause about guests (long-term in their room, or even one night in a common area); maybe $100 extra for dual occupancy?  Finally, maybe the utilities shouldn’t be all-included.

If we do a week-to-week trial lease, participating in or contributing to the collective (or maybe other progressive activities) might be an actual requirement.  Maybe even a requirement to sponsor at least one event per month.

William suggests using photography when starting a rental, to compare at the end for accounting the deposit.

7.  Zine

Laura came because of this.  She has samples of her work!  She would like to do caricatures of anarchists, maybe with quotations next to them.

Lacey got one contribution (from Roy) but forgot to bring it.  William will have a second part if his article about collective living.

William wants to have a DVD in the zine, which would make each issue cost us maybe 50 cents.

William suggests distributing other zines along with our zines, perhaps bound together in a meta-zine.

8.  Future events

We need flyers for the sewing and gardening events.

Maybe we should focus in on fewer, bigger events.

9.  Black light

Andrew found one downstairs.  We don’t know what to do with it.

10. Supplementary meetings

Do we want one for a rules committee?  Toby would find it hard to schedule, but Andrew doesn’t want to do it with online messages.  Maybe at Meadowlark or at the Loshes’ house.

Toby must email Lacey files of lease and rules for printouts, IINS.

Also the about statement.

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