Meeting Minutes 12/18/13

Present: Max, Toby, Lauren, Andrew, Alicia, Azaria, and Ben
Moderator: Azaria
Notetaker: Ben

Max discussed New Years’ Eve Noise Demo at Douglas County Jail in Omaha. Event to be held at 7 PM on December 31, 2013. Website for event at or contact Max at (312) 241-8643 for more information. Promotional sign-making event to be held on December 29th at Lauren’s house (2727 South 19th Street) at 4 PM.

Toby says we have $210.13 in the treasury as of 12/18/13.

Tentative copy out now; there are a couple of events still not complete as far as time/place are concerned. Several events already signed off on. Current calendar approved. Knitting/crocheting skillshare place to be announced.

Several suggestions in this area were made:
1) Andrew suggested finding a new space by the end of January 2014.
2) Azaria suggested putting out Craigslist add for commercial/storefront space.
3) Alicia will speak with the pastor at her parents’ (?) church about finding us a space, and also suggested getting assistance from the Lincoln Action Program. In addition, she suggested getting local business sponsorship of a space towards a rent-to-own scenario.
4) Max suggested securing a mortgage on a space instead of paying and/or charging rent.
5) Group discussed the possibility of a Community Meeting after Free Saturday so that people could come out and meet with us to offer their suggestions/comments about assisting Common Root in acquiring a new space.



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Nathalie Anderson