Meeting Minutes 12/17/15

In attendance: Andira (co-moderator), Azaria (moderator), Lacey (note-taker), Mike, Sammi and Larry

Status Updates
-New Year’s Eve Game Night will happen this year, hosted by Mike – here, 7 PM Lacey will make event. -UPDATE- Mike changed his mind – no New Years game night this year.
-Free Saturday – new location for March (Eiseley Branch Library)
-Staples grant is approved for the first round (thanks Mike!), Lacey will post details on the organizing group.

-Abby is interested in magnets for Outlinc, Andira will check on exact prices and we will decide about placing an order at the first meeting in January.

-Lacey and Andira would be interested in buying the old flat screen from Common Root – it will be put up to a vote on the organizing page before we decide, Sammi will do this.

Member meeting planning – January 28th
-Membership listing – thank you for your support
-Photos of networking, if possible
-“Before” photos from trash pickup
-Skillshares, if possible
-Folks on the couch at Shea’s discussion
-LFL heart on the board
-Papermaking workshop
-Lacey can ask on Fb if people have photos they’d like to share
-Bring up the zines, Mental Health theme

Refreshments – guacamole (Lacey and Andi) and Chips (Azaria)
cookies (Donna & Bob? Lacey will ask), Fruit juice/cider (Larry)

-Explain what CR is about, video showing, timeline of planned events for 2016 and then brainstorming session at the end. Each committee can write down volunteer opportunities/tasks and bring these to member meeting. Bring mini mission statements for individual committees and volunteers.

2016 membership give
$5/month level – magnet
$10/month level – art calendar
There were voted on and passed unanimously.

“Square circle” chair setup, arrive to setup at 6:30 PM, guests invited at 7 PM and meeting starts at 7:30.

-date Sunday, October 9th, most likley 1-5 PM again, rent the spaces for 8 hours – approved unanimously.

Art Cal
– We need to get rid of the art calendars. Sales / discounts. $10 price for calendars – Lacey will fix online form, let Andira know first to engage with Aja/Indigo Bridge and see if they want some free calendars before we make official announcement online.
• Key holder requirements – discuss at BORING committee meeting.
• Larry is voted in as our newest keyholder unamuosly!!!

-January calendar will be printed next Wednesday – the updated version will be on the organizing group for any finalization needed.

-Yearly calendar planning ideas
• We can look over the year and plan out when we’ll hold different events, skillshares, discussions, community events, etc. We’re thinking of creating a committee to talk about the yearly planning, the specific committee would need to coordinate events.

In 2016
January – meetings each Thursday
– 3rd – Community Support Circle
• 9th – Movie night
• 13th Dimensions [
• 15th – Game Night
• 16th – Free Saturday
• 24 – Coloring with Lacey
• 27 – Out of the Ordinary [Support Circle]
• 28 – Member Meeting
– 10 – Dimensions
– 19 ? – Game Night
• 20 Free Saturday
• 24 Out of the Ordinary
• 9 – Dimensions
• 12 – Free Saturday
• 18 ? – Game Night
• 23 – Out of the Ordinary
• 13 – Dimensions
• Free Saturday depends on Earth Day date
Mid April – Saturday – Lincoln Earth Day
• 22 ? Game Night
• 27 Out of the Ordinary
• 1st Sunday – May Day
• 11 Dimensions
• 20 Game Night?
• 25 Out of the Ordinary
• (Same as above months)
• (Pride in the Park)
• Streets Alive
• tentative Oct 9th – FFP
• TdoR – Nov 20th

Poetry events? Bi-monthly or twice a year? Quartely community service. Bi-annually zines? Open hours along with activities, reading events, book clubs again. Sammi suggests that we do one dynamic event each month to focus on. Sammi suggests “super reading event – read around the rosy” coloring, reading, learning when it’s warm out.

Lacey will make Larry an admin on the Common Root Mutual Aid Center page and he will create it prior to the event.

Next meeting agenda
-February calendar
-Magnet order
-Staples Grant (due Jan 8)
-Key Holder responsibilities

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin