Meeting Minutes 12/14/17

Andira (moderator), Larry (co-moderator) & Lacey (note taker)

Treasury report: $5,435.30 (current treasury, including accounts receivable such as Giving Tuesday)

January calendar draft (Lacey forgot the paper copy!) Larry has two movie events in January. Everyone talks slowly or this meeting will end too quickly!

Sari brought in a stand for a retractable banner. We were going to vote on whether to keep it for Common Root, but we’ll table it, as we don’t have quorum. It might work well up at indoor booths and indoor Free Saturday events.

Lacey wonders if, since our agenda items a low right now, we should consider an end of year celebration in place of the December 28th meeting. Those in attendance like the idea (Larry has a veggie stew recipe he’d like to try, if we do a potluck). Lacey will post a proposal on the organizing group to get input from others.

Common Root Voting Quorum:
1 board member
3 key holding members
1 other attendee

Common Root Admin