Meeting Minutes 12/14/16

In attendance: Enia, Andira (co-moderator), Colby, Bob (moderator), Lacey (note-taker) and Larry

Music & Poetry Event – Bob hasn’t contacted Andrew at Rock Island Social Club yet, so he will post updates on the fb org. group when he has a date or details.

Newsletter – We haven’t gotten enough submissions for the most recent issues of the multiple page zine, so Bob had an idea for a double sided page zine. 

Enia has a lot of friends involved with Social Justice and she wonders if this might be right for submissions. YES! So long as it’s shorter articles, or articles/submissions could be started in the Newsletter and continued by pointing readers to the zine tab on our website. There are concerns about breaking up poetry in the same fashion.

Recycling in Lincoln – New recycling petition is out in Lincoln. Difference between prev. ordinance and the new petition is that individuals won’t be punished for not recycling correctly if the city isn’t providing options for recycling available for all. The goals: cardboard banned from trash April 2018 – Newsprint by April 2019, all other paper products by 2020. These products make up 42% of items that go to landfills right now. We are miles behind Omaha in recycling, because some folks don’t have the means with which to recycle or transport items to recycling centers.

This ordinance will increase the size of recycling and number of recycling centers, as well as pickup of cardboard along with trash service. They need 7,850ish signatures yet to pass to get it on the ballot. Then the residents can vote. Trying to get it on the ballot for the spring so we don’t have to wait an entire other year. Enia is asking for buttons to help spread the word. They will need these early January. She will get back to us this weekend with a requested number. Once we hear from Enia, we will call for a vote on the org group so that we can get them printed before UNL Print’s holiday break and we’d have time to create the buttons.

Recycle Lincoln – Facebook page for this. The green recycle symbol is likely what they’d like on a button. Jan. 31st is their deadline for getting all the signatures on this petition. Blue Fire Strategies LLS & Mayor Beutler– consulting for candidates, run their campaigns, etc. Now they are helping with this recycling campaign.

Earth Stock – An event organized by UNL’s Student Government – local organizations volunteer their time, setup booths, teach folks about sustainability, give away plants, reusable bags, etc. to promote sustainability. They have music and food, a large community event. April 15th – ish. UNL Block Party in front of the City Union.

BREAK (5m)

Self Defense & Empowerment – People may need support and self defense capabilities, ways to help people learn how to stay safe. How can we proactively keep our community members safe and be protected from threats? The idea is directly working to establish the safety and well being of everyone at risk in our diverse communities. Together we learn to proactively support and protect others from bigotry and supremacy.

We’d likely need a larger space for some of these things. Some workshops, such as deescalation tactics and general ideas of helping people feel more empowered could happen here. Warmer weather could allow for doing some martial arts or kickboxing we could move those out to Woods Park across the street. Possibly reach out to The Bay and/or Big Top Performance Arts. An example for the deescalation is what can you do to be an ally to someone being harassed in public or in a place you witness. We could do role playing!

Andira also likes the idea or working with other nonprofits to plan functions where LQBTQIA+ people would have a social day to local friendly / safe environment. We could network with other organizations to put outings like this together.

CR January Calendar – Larry is adding a Support Circle to January.

Meeting Date and Frequency – January.
Larry likes every other week until we have more than we can talk about and we can reassess in the future and possibly move back to weekly meetings.
VOTE – January meetings will be held Thursday the 12th and 26th.

NEXT WEEK: Divide tasks Fall For Pride and ask for better division of tasks to see if we want to do another event in 2017. We can ask for additional volunteers in a poll in the organizing group for dedicated volunteers, we can also ask Outlinc.

Next meeting –
-FFP 2017? (40m) Lacey
-Table cloth sign for booths – (10m) Bob

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