Meeting Minutes 12/11/12

Shaina : Notetaker
William : Moderator

Patio Tables:  At Pepe’s needs gone tomorrow…would we like these???
-We could use one on the porch but have been possibly claimed.

Pipeline Fighter Feb. 1st.- People need places to stay…

New Location (?): 20th and K or 23rd and D…Possible commercial locations.
Different house??

Tabling- Vim of the Virtuoso…party, 7 bands, @ the Grove $3.00 per person.  6:00 pm to 2am  December 15th, Saturday.


Asheley-  Need rent for part of November and December…give three days notice.  Toby will contact Asheley about rent and tell her there will be an official notice if she doesn’t pay anything.  If she does pay something, we will discuss it again on Tuesday.  If she doesn’t pay anything we will give her an official notice on Friday.

Keying-  Use old keys??

Treasury: Gas bill-Andrew owed two bills…cable bill-Andrew is owed for three months of cable-$232.55.
Treasury is at around 400.00 after the electric bill.

Listserv:  Email announcements….events, we’re looking for renters, music recording space…Meetings moved back to Wednesdays starting January 2nd.

-Come record with us!   We will help you build an album for $200.00 although for a single songwriter, it can be negotiable as early as January!

Non-Profit:;  We did it!  We’re a non-profit!  We now need an Employer Identification Number and 501(c)3 status.

House Rules-  Rules for residents, trial periods, leases, get things in writing…artists in residency…agreements…

We need a caretaker for the house…

Common Root Admin