Meeting Minutes 12/10/15

In attendance: Chelsea, Azaria, Mike, Danielle, Andira & Sammi
12/10/15 Meeting notes
Danielle Co-moderator, Sammi Notetaker, Mike Moderator

-Tried out new tv, works well
-Andira proposed doing status updates for relevant topics at the beginning of the meetings
-consensus vote in favor, with quorum
-Status updates
-Carra is on board with doing a skillshare for Google Docs (said Mike)
-January Calendar draft was passed around
-Passed around thank you cards to sign for giving Tuesday donations
-Button, Magnet proposal: Andira proposed that we make buttons and magnets to sell to Outlinc for their members
-magnets would be like buttons, but with magnet backs instead of pin backs
-likely sell for 25 or 50 cents apiece, our standard rate
-voted, all in favor
-Art calendars: we need to sell them soon because the new year is coming up
-Sammi proposed that we make a price reduction
-Chelsea proposed a flash sale before the end of the year; 18th through 20th or 11th – 13th
-Mike expressed concern that this would be considered unfair or offensive to those who already paid $15 for them
-$12 was proposed for new price until New Years
-Andira brought up that Indigo Bridge bought them outright and are selling them for $15.
-Posting about them on facebook by members would be helpful
-Tabled until next meeting
-Lacey nominated Larry Steven James as keyholder, Andira seconded
-Danielle brought up that we were discussing not adding any more keyholders until we decide how many keyholders we should have (still have former members that have keys)
-Tabled until keyholder decision is made
-Committee formulation (Andira): showed Andira’s diagram of the Organization’s operations
-Suggested that each committee should meet and define what they do.
-We should have a regular community brainstorming event to which we will invite the public
-Major committees determined so far: BORING, Social Media, FFP, Volunteerism/SMART AID
-SMART AID is Andira’s proposed name for Volunteerism committee (Self Managed Action by Regional Teams)
-BORING was subdivided into Legal, Policy (By-Laws etc.), and Financial (Grants etc.) subcommittees
-3 of these committees were added to each meeting on the January calendar
-Social Media committee:
-On the committee: Mike, Sammi, Chelsea, Barbara (used to be), Lacey
-Social Media outlets right now: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Common Root webpage
-Mike suggested having a social media committee lead/go-to and one main person for each outlet, and would volunteer himself to be main go-to for the committee
-Chelsea suggested all of us should have the login and password to each outlet and should make an effort to make frequent posts
-Don’t want to just put something out there for the sake of a post. Needs substance
-Andira will add Sammi to Coordination Chart
-Sammi suggests as a working committee mission statement: Make our organization and its mission known and attract people to the space through social media and online outlets.
-Yearly calendar: set up a task group to determine a general layout of what activities will happen when throughout the year

Next Meeting Agenda:
-Status updates
-buttons/magnets for Outlinc
-Deal with old tv monitor
-Annual Member meeting planning, including video/picture recap
-Art Calendar
-Keyholder nominations?
-Yearly calendar

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin