Meeting Minutes 11/8/18

In attendance: Larry (moderator), Andira, Mike, Joss, John, Bob (co-moderator), Anna, Lacey (note-taker), Kris and Special Guest Legacy

Feb Free Saturday – No volunteers yet to host February Free Saturday. Larry provisionally volunteers to host that. Larry will also be taking on more hosting and scheduling future Repair Café events.

Spill the Beans – Any ideas for future events? Community Resource Fair – February or March projected timeline. Invite local nonprofits. BINGO night for crappy prizes (unicorn finger puppets), Pretend Paleontology. Men’s Support Group, be a better feminist, fighting toxic masculinity. Andira has friends interested in this Larry could contact. CreateFest!

Finance Report – $8459.05 – less $300 and a card going to the Indian Center that we’re passing around the table. We can also pass the card for game night free will donations to Lincoln Giving Tree.

T-Shirts – No new information.

Button Cutter – $159.95 button die cutter. It’s the exactly the right size. New button press? Does it come up often enough to justify purchasing another press? Is it adjustable cutting size? No, but it will be the right size for our press, also sold by American Button Machines. Punch cutters are self-sharpening.
VOTE – passes with quorum 

#GivingTuesday – Should we ad boost it? Lacey will put the campaign together. We can talk on the org. group to vote on the amount we might ad boost for, once we can cross reference how affect last year’s boost was? Yep, let’s do that, as we won’t meet again before Giving Tuesday. Doing an ad boost keeps our name out there, even if we aren’t desperate for funds ATM.

Dec calendar draft – It’s passed around, edits are made. We’ll need to print them prior to our next meeting, so it can be finalized online.

Affiliates list – Indian Center, Kris will be helping with taco fundraiser and she’ll meet with them about how else we can collaborate. Kelsey Graves, owner of 1867 Bar, would likely be interested in hosting a Common Root event. Andira might be interested in doing a trans specific fundraising event there. Trans+ Support Nebraska.

Website – Meetings with Stacy haven’t happened, but there have been online communications concerning switching over the website. Kris is working on it being mobile friendly, will aim to have that done this week. Yay!

Agenda items for Nov 29th Meeting:
Giving Tuesday Recap (10m) Lacey
Riley updates? (5m) Mikala (?)
Community Support Circle (Living Under Fascist Government) (5m) Andira

Voting Quorum:
1 – Board member, 1 – Keyholder, 1 – member of CR Organizational FB group, 1 – Other

The next Common Root Meeting will be on Thursday, Nov. 29th from 7:30 to 9pm in the GREEN MEETING ROOM on the 3rd floor.

Common Root Admin