Meeting Minutes 11/6/13

Square Account set up…we have two readers and ready for taking credit card transactions.
Looking over sponsor banner
Photo slideshow bring TV

Lacey was on KZUM…podcast…Community Matters.
CJP Studios Facebook Group…Communication.
Different lighting options.
People accepted the idea of coming to meetings.
Get a written reason from Ray about deposit and prorating rent for October.


Azaria and Ben now have keys. 

Board Members:

Add Ben to the board…Shaina is resigning. Shaina…had trouble taking name off of Credit Union account. Toby and Andrew will need to fill out paperwork to change the account name

Paperwork: File Articles of Amendment…and affidavit of publication.

Treasury: Itemized Invoice… $252.63 in treasury currently.

TV: We don’t need to mount a TV…accessible when needed.


Toby Bartels

We have $285.65 after counting donations from the lockbox.


Toby Bartels

Note-taker was Shaina, and moderator was (I think) Azaria.

Common Root Admin