Meeting Minutes 11/6/12

* Andrew (moderator), Ashley (some), Cake (some), Qubit (some), Shaina, Toby (note-taker), William

1. Sink

It’s filling again, sometimes by poltergeist.  Toby will call Ray.

2. Weatherproofing

William will plastic them and we will reimburse him for the kits.  We expect an overall profit from saving on heating.

3. Occupy Education

They’re not really doing anything right now and are looking to revamp.  Maybe groups (like Common Root!) will sponsor individual events.  They may also change the name.  It may be more like a free school.  Keep an eye out for a meeting!

4. Fundraising

Pépe has volunteered his space again.  Andrew suggests sharing it with other organisations, such as the Bike Kitchen.  William suggests a silent auction (and/or a raffle), perhaps for a bike.

5. Resident notice

Everybody is leaving!  We have some people looking to move in, so that’s all right.  They’re not paying properly (using deposit to cover last month’s rent), hence some friction, but not much to be done about it (says Toby).  We should schedule walk-throughs at the very end.

6. Knocking

Qubit wants people to knock when they enter the house into common areas.  There is some discussion about whether the whole house is the residents’ residence or just their rooms.  Communication is recommended.  In any case, people agree to knock.

7. Nonprofit status

Shaina downloaded a Michigan form for articles of incorporation; in Nebraska, we get to write our own, but we want to write something sensible.  Some talk about tax status.  William wants a print-out.  Try to sneak something erisian in there too.  Check the copyright status of the logo.

8. Zine!

William is pretty much giving up on getting it out by December 21.  Andrew says that it depends on how things go.  William doesn’t want to be on the cover again.  Maybe a focus or theme, or at least sections with them.  William suggests a theme of the end of the world and the beginning of a new one: technological, political.  Other ideas.

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