Meeting Minutes 11/5/15

In attendance: Andira (co-moderator), Lacey (note-taker), Mike (moderator) Shea and Larry.

-Dec. cal draft – it’s okay right now

Support Circles (Monday nights was suggested at the last circle, possibly swapping between Sunday mornings back to Monday evenings) Moday evenings don’t work for Mike, they do work for Andira. Saturdays were also suggested, but Satudays also don’t work for Mike.

Tools – Andira fixed the CR wrench and brought in a hammer to be used here.

Lip balms have started to crystalize / seperate and they have been moved out of the CR showcase and to the back / meeting room

Keyholders – meeting attendance requirements? None currently. We talked about discussing keyholders requirements after we finished BOD requirments but we haven’t done so yet. Less meeting – bi-weekly is suggested. We can revisit meeting attendance and frequency again in January. Committee meetings are suggested, especially. Splitting focus between to groups on Thursdays if there is different interests or committees meeting. Meetings to discuss Keyholder roles are suggested. Holiday period quorum – for November and December is suggested.
There are concerns about having an even number (4 quorum) and a small number (3 quorum).

More structure and enforcement from modrators and stopping people from interrupting, and repeating the same points. There’s concern that moderators aren’t feeling comfortable with their authorrity to move the meeting along with hurting feelings. We also need people to respect the rules such as not interrupting and being respectful to others.

It is suggested that we can also table things for the end of the meeting, if there’s time. It is also suggested that if the time lapses during someone speaking, that person can finish. People could got down any reponses on paper available in the space for whenever we table and these papers would be given to the person who originally posted the agenda item and they can sift through them and compile to discuss people’s ideas for whenever we table it for. When the person finishes speaking when the timer has gone off, we can either call for a vote or we’ll need to table it if we cannot immediately put it to a vote. We here tonight need to help reinforce these points and rules.
-Vote passed – co-moderator announces time is up, current speaker finishes and if a vote is needed to make a decision we call for an immediate vote – if a decision is needed but more discussion is required we table that for later that meeting or a future meeting.
Vote passed – If more discussion is needed, pen and paper available as well as envelopes for anonymity for people to write down final thoughts and give to the person who suggested the original agenda item. Time sensitive items can have more of a grace period and can be marked as such in the agenda. We will allow an additional 5 min for final, new points to be made before a time-sensitive vote will be called for.

Board of Directors – Mike was nominated and unamously voted in as a Common Root Board of Director. 

December 3 meeting – BOD evaulation period ended Nov 20 – we should discuss this at the December 3 meeting.

Next meeting:
-Meeting structure improvements (15m) – Mike
-BOD Update – official paperwork (5m) – Mike

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin