Meeting Minutes 1/15/14

Andrew: Note-taker
Lacey: Moderator
In attendance: Amanda, Andrew, Ben, Lacey & Toby
1) Vegan potluck (time sensitive)
Needs a location, Toby is asking Dave and Lauren
We will invite Spencer to talk about concert fundraiser
2) February Calendar
Free Saturday, Lacey will host on the 22 at Grace Lutheran
Lacey and Andrew will host craft skillshare at their place on 24
No one volunteers for hosting Collective Networking Potluck in Feb- perhaps if we can find a space.
3) Fundraisers
We decided to do membership and have numbered buttons instead of cards
We edited and approved a new membership form
We like the benefits
4) Nonprofit
Forming a committee to work with people’s schedules and focus interested people
5) Spaces
New option 1000 Square feet
The landlord wants to have a meditation area and help us out

6) We are opening a new credit union account
We are looking into direct deposit
$420.10 in treasury

7) Paypal is set


Toby Bartels

The PayPal account’s address is

Common Root Admin