Meeting Minutes 11/30/17

In attendance:
Bob (moderator), Josslyn, Larry, Charise, Brophy, Chelsea, Tammy, Scott and Lacey (note-taker)

Passed around January calendar draft.

Facebook #GivingTuesday paid ad feedback:
Cost: $14.43
Engagements (clicks): 133
Cost per engagement: 10 cents
Reach (people who saw our ad at least once): 1,454
Impressions (number of times our ad was on screen): 1,928
Total dollars raised on #GivingTuesday: $434

Comparison from prior years:
2015 – $800
2016 – $340
2017 – $434

Bob suggests an ad / Facebook boost the last week of the year as a call for end of year donations. Larry suggests that #GivingTuesday is an overabundance of nonprofit options and doing one at the end of the year might set us apart. “501c3” and “tax-deductible donations” are words to use in this boost. Up to $20 boost is approved with concensus for the end of December.

Free Saturday – It will be at Eiseley Library, Dec 16th 2-3:30 PM. We’ll be setting up at 1 PM, wrapping gifts. If folks want to help, feel free. Fly Dogz will be distributing their toy drive items at this event.

Central Lincoln Skillshare Collective – we vote with concensus in favor of signing up for a Common Root account. Lacey and Larry already have accounts. It’s setup through the Time Bank system, where you can offer services and goods for free to others with accounts. You can take advantage of what others are offering for free as well. Events can be listed here, so this should work in the capacity of what Common Root offers, along with free resources such as Free Saturday items.

KZUM – Corwin mentioned that they can run KZUM ads for Free Saturday since we are a nonprofit. Tammy suggests we could take turns reading these announcements. Lacey can contact KZUM and see if maybe we can do a general announcement or Erica suggests a maybe summertime general announcements, since they are all at the same location.

Lacey linked the Facebook Common Root – Mutual Aid Center page with the Collaborative group. This will allow you to post in the Collab. Group as the official CR page, if you are an admin. No one in the group has concerns about this, but we can bring them up at another time and unlink the two if the group decides to do so if problem arise.


New space options – Chelsea researched accessible spaces, around 750 sq feet (between 650-1000 sq feet), we want to spend close to our rent now ($450). Places called “flex spaces” can be changed, but we may not have the resources to renovate spaces. There are Haymarket spaces that are nice, but parking will be an obstacle. Chelsea has visited five of these locations, focusing on the first floor spaces with nearby or free parking.

We continued to talk about Foundry (formerly Nonprofit Hub) and a potential move there. 

Chelsea will post a revised list of possible new locations on the organizing group. We can continue the conversation there.

Agenda items for next meeting:
-Treasury update (5m) Andira
-New space discussion (cont’d) 

Next Meeting: Thursday, Dec. 14th, 7:30-9pm
Common Root Voting Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

Common Root Admin